International Premiere


Directed by Yutaka Yamamoto

Japan 2019 53 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre AnimationRomance

Sachi Koyama’s fitting in okay at her new school in rural Iwaki City — she likes the uniform and she likes playing violin in the music club. Though it irks her girlfriends, she also likes time to herself, and her favourite time for that is twilight, waiting for her bus home. Stepping into the picture one evening is Yusuke, a boy with sketchbook under his arm, boarding the same bus. When their paths cross again, he’s happy to show Sachi what’s in that sketchbook. What’s in his heart, however, he’s not so quick to share.

Away from the glare and glitter of Tokyo, there is another Japan, one best enjoyed in the luxurious last light of sunset, lovely yet melancholy. With his crowdfunded indie mini-feature, the teen romance TWILIGHT, it’s to his beloved northeastern Tohoku region that animator Yutaka Yamamoto (WAKE UP, GIRLS!) brings us, where memories of 2011’s disasters still linger. With exquisite attention to detail, a breathtaking palette of colour, and an unequivocal mastery of light and lighting, Yamamoto imbues the prosaic with something a bit like magic. An anime postcard from Fukushima Prefecture, with love, laughs, tears, and the occasional perfect moment. – Rupert Bottenberg