Canada, Quebec 0 85 mins

The unique voices of Indigenous creators are rising up across Canada to share their stories, their heritage, their cultures. Let’s listen to them share their legends and tell their tales. A special Wapikoni programme of 17 films, available free of charge throughout the Fantasia festival! From fiction to animation and experimental, discover an artistic signature specific to First Nations creators.

Wapikoni is a cultural organization with international influence that places creativity and artistic excellence at the service of the narrative sovereignty of the Nations. Its mission: to amplify the voices of Indigenous talent through film and music, to disseminate these works, and to offer a tool for professional development and social transformation.

Since the mobile studios are currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, and Wapikoni is present in the festival’s programming every year, Fantasia wanted to open its showcase to them. Among its collection of more than 1,300 short films created by thousands of Indigenous talents from over 36 nations around the world, Wapikoni has concocted a special selection for our audience. This programme includes award-winning works that have been screened at numerous national and international festivals, including the Berlinale, the FNC, and even Fantasia. – Wapikoni

Film order:

Kakatshat by Eve Ringuette
The Guest by Nicholas Rodgers
RUN (FUYEZ) by Nicholas Rodgers
Among The Forest by Oqim Nicholas
TRANSMISSION 01: 34-OD by Jim Matlock
L’origine du capteur de rêve (The Origin of the Dreamcatcher) by Cassandra Ambroise-St-Onge Donavan Vollant
Night Stalk (Traque nocturne) by Robert Gilpin
J'ai joué à Dieu (I Played God) by Tania Jourdain
God’s Park (Le parc de Dieu) by Martin King
Malsem by Jesse Martin
Rat sale (Dirty Rat) by Jim Matlock
Missing Offering (L'offrande oubliée) by Raymond Caplin
Respect Your Elders, Chum! (Respecte tes aînés, mon Chum!) by Jack Belhumeur
Coyote's Canoe by Gloria Morgan
After Hell (Après l'enfer) by Jim Matlock
Mahiganiec (Petite louve | Wolf Cub) by Jacqueline Michel
In Your Heart by Raymond Caplin