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Directed by Stéphan Beaudoin



Stéphan Beaudoin


Sophie-Anne Beaudry


Alexis Belec, Orhpée Ladouceur-Nguyen, Émile Mailhiot, Lila Mourmant, Iannicko N'Doua-Légaré, Jean-Phliippe Perras, Devon Slack


Stéphan Beaudoin, Mathieu Demers, Thomas Liccioni


Thomas Sicotte

Sound Designer

Christian Rivest


Alex McMahon


Mathieu Demers


Productions Tomifobia

Canada, Quebec 2020 85 mins OV French/English Subtitles : English
Genre Drama

Skylar, a young American woman trying to escape family tensions, is hiding illegally in Drummondville with her Quebec cousin Kev, a drug dealer. But having no money to pay for her basic needs, she is forced by her cousin to take part in an illegal street fight. Kev sees right away that Skylar has the potential and the rage to fight, but doesn't have the technique to win. So he calls Chuck, one of his clients and a veteran, to whom he promises to drop his drug debts if he can get Skylar to win a fight. But all this pressure will also lead to building a power game between the three of them, where the fights will no longer be only physical but also psychological. A dramatic and violent descent into a ruthless universe.

Stéphan Beaudoin has made his mark on Quebec screens in recent years with the series YAMASKA, L'HEURE BLEUE and ALERTE AMBER, and with YANKEE delivers his second feature film (after LE RANG DU LION). Skillfully using bilingualism to blend American and Quebecois culture, he succeeds in creating a tense and agonizing universe in a familiar setting. His camera remains mostly at the service of the performances, including the excellent Devon Slack, who carries the film on her shoulders. As in life, the characters are imperfect, but they all have a dose of humanity that invites sympathy. Coupled with realistic combat scenes, the film will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. YANKEE This is the work of a creator in full possession of his means, who delivers a dramatic film with hard punches. Translation: Rupert Bottenberg