Selection 2019

Born of Woman 2019

104 mins 9 films Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Canada
Sat July 20, 2019
4:50 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

Fantasia’s annual showcase of intimate, auteur genre visions returns with nine extraordinary works from an array of international talents who will leave you gobsmacked and amazed.

From the Netherlands, Yfke Van Berckelaer’s single-take LILI (North American Premiere) is a mini masterclass in performance and ascension where an actress’ audition grows increasingly less comfortable with every line read.

New Zealand gifts us Hweiling Ow’s gloriously strange and disturbing womb-rocker VASPY (World Premiere), in which a pregnant woman develops new kinds of cravings and realizes that she may be eating for more than two.

From Australia, Mia'kate Russell’s award-winning MAGGIE MAY (Canadian Premiere) is a stylish and sharp-witted black comedy about apathy that sees two sisters trying to reform bonds following their mother’s death, with unexpectedly gruesome results.

A young woman hides a recent terminal diagnosis from her friends as they embark on a road trip. They pick-up a stranger and grisly new paths of possibility are revealed in Adele Vuko’s fantastic THE HITCHHIKER (International Premiere).

The U.K. delivers THE ORIGINAL (Canadian Premiere), a dark, crushing, science-fiction drama about romantic sacrifice and extreme choices from Mexican filmmaker Michelle Garza Cervera.

From the USA, Mary Dauterman’s WAKEY WAKEY (International Premiere) is an imaginative anti-love story fever-dream.

Stefanie Abel Horowitz’s SOMETIMES, I THINK ABOUT DYING (International Premiere) is a darkly humorous and touching tale of interpersonal alienation that turned many a head at this year’s Sundance.

A young teen’s first period stirs her curiosity of local legends in Erica Scoggins’ masterfully directed, award-winning THE BOOGEYWOMAN (Quebec Premiere), a standout at Clermont-Ferrand.

Self-taught Canadian visual artist Valerie Barnhart’s devastatingly powerful GIRL IN THE HALLWAY (North American Premiere) is an innovatively animated true-crime poetry slam as nightmarish witness testimony that recently floored audiences at Annecy. Made over a period of three years as an addressment of the inaction that allows the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women to persist. Few films pack such raw, emotional force. You’ll barely be able to speak afterwards. – Mitch Davis


Yfke Van Berckelaer

Lili knows she has to nail this audition. The Man she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and ...

Netherlands 9 mins

Sometimes, i think about dying

Stefanie Abel Horowitz

Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.

USA 12 mins

The Hitchhiker

Adele Vuko

Jade, hiding a terminal diagnosis, hits the road to Byron Bay with two besties and a resolve to keep her sickness on the down-low. When an enigmatic Hitchhiker offers her an eternal future, she must choose...

Australia 13 mins

Wakey Wakey

Mary Dauterman

Alex had a shitty night.

USA 4 mins

Maggie May

Mia'kate Russell

Sam’s sister Maggie May has always been different. So after the death of their mother, she takes her twin babies to spend the weekend, and help her out. But Maggie isn’t interested in being helped. She isn...

Australia 14 mins


Hweiling Ow

After the appearance of a strange clickity-clack toy, a pregnant mother's peculiar cravings spiral out of control as she discovers she is eating for more than two.

New Zealand 11 mins

The Boogeywoman

Erica Scoggins

In the fever of her first period, a curious teenager is drawn to her small town’s local legend, only to find that the “Boogeywoman” is flesh and blood--the mother she never had.

USA 18 mins

The Original

Michelle Garza Cervera

Alana is a woman struggling to keep her relationship alive as her partner suffers with a debilitating illness. A new medical procedure offers the answer to their prayers, but not without forcing her to mak...

United Kingdom 13 mins

Girl in the Hallway

Valerie Barnhart

Why does 'Little Red Riding hood' give Jamie nightmares? It's been 15 years, and the girl in the hallway haunts him still. This is a testament to locked doors. A lullaby sung by wolves with duct tape and p...

Canada 11 mins


Sat July 20, 2019
4:50 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève