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DJ XL5's Cat's Meow Viral Zappin' Party

105 mins 24 films Germany, Sweden, Austria, France, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Quebec

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For his 17th programme, DJ XL5 has chosen a true deluge of short films, and slips between them static effects and excerpts from films and other cultural samples, to simulate a festive evening of channel-zapping in front of the TV with friends. A total of 23 shorts from around the world. This program marks the return of many of the DJ's collaborators. The emblematic SIMON'S CAT by English filmmaker Simon Tofield is back with SIMON'S CAT ORIGINS STORY. Rémi Fréchette announces his presence with two horrific short films, FAMILY FEAST and FRIDAY 13: LA FILLE DE '89. Jocelyn Leduc returns with a new “chattitude”, RED HOT CHILI PUSSIES, in its world premiere. Rachel Samson also offers us the world premiere of the animation PARC À CHATS. The American Sydney Brafman returns with a short and striking creation, DECAPITATO: CONSEQUENZE MORTALI, in its Canadian premiere.

From Austria, discover the North American premiere of Sebastian Doringer's impatient POMME DE TERRE. You'll be intrigued by SESSION No. 78 by France's Bridget O'Driscoll, and in Canadian premiere, LIVE FOREVER by Sweden's Gustav Egerstedt will make you feel like an earworm. From the United Kingdom, Philip Hardy sends us a film to scream with fear and laughter, WHO'S THAT AT THE BACK OF THE BUS? From our neighbours to the south comes the world premiere of Becky Sayers & Bradley McHargue's ingenious THERE'S A GHOST IN THE HOUSE and Brian Budak's provocative GLASS HALF WHATEVER. In the Canadian premiere, you'll gloat over Maverick Moore's MY DINNER WITH WERNER. You will be moved by Chris MacDonald's existential I AM A HOT DOG. Add to this lot two animated-plasticine films, Trent Shy's violent THE ANIMATOR in its Canadian premiere, and Cressa Beer's touching COMING OUT. Closer to home, you'll discover Gabriel Auclair-Doucet's CUCUL LA PRALINE and Felipe Arriagada-Nunez's XTERMINATION, both world premieres. Jimmy G Pettigrew shares with us two alternative cinema lessons, CINEPOD and PASTICHE. Valérie Leclair will impose with BEST BITCHES FOREVER, and Patrick Gauthier will change your vision of local products with BOULETTES. DJ Baragon, the editor, who has been DJ XL5's closest collaborator and life coach for many years, offers you the world premiere of an epic cinematic fall with WHAT GOES UP..., a project to which DJ XL5 has contributed. In short, you'll have everything you need to throw a party on your own couch. Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

Simon's Cat Origins Story

Simon Tofield

SIMON'S CAT is an animated web cartoon and book series by the British animator Simon Tofield, created in 2008 and featuring a hungry cat who uses increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get his owner to feed ...

United Kingdom 10 mins

The Animator

Trent Shy

"An animator takes his anger out on the source of his frustration... his puppets." The opening short of the program.

USA 1 mins

Best Bitches Forever

Valérie Leclair

After Alex wanted to surprise Catherine for her birthday by taking the staff of a restaurant hostage, the two unrepentant and hot-tempered women argue in an epic argument about how to use their metapsychic...

Quebec 6 mins


Patrick Gauthier

Ginette is behind the tasting kiosk of a small grocery store. Woe betide the person who refuses her appetizing morsels.

Quebec 6 mins

Parc à chats

Rachel Samson

Chronicle of a cat’s misadventures in a park. Right after Let’s Talk ErgonomIcs and Ice Times, Rachel Samson is already back with not only this new short, but she secretly passed along to your jokester DJ ...

Quebec 1 mins


Jimmy G. Pettigrew

Cinépod is a collection of tribute sketches dedicated to cinema classics, in which the actors and actresses are cleverly replaced by animals.

Quebec 1 mins

Coming Out

Cressa Beer

A tender stop-motion animation about identity, love, and giant monsters. Endorsed officially by Toho, the studio responsible for the iconic creature, this short brings awareness and support for LGBTQ stori...

USA 2 mins

Cucul La Praline

Gabriel Auclair-Doucet

Raphaël and Gaétan park their car in an abandoned parking lot. When Raphaël opens the rear trunk of the car, he realizes that Gaétan has not kidnapped the right person ...

Quebec 6 mins

Decapitato: Consequenze Mortali

Sydney Brafman

Game Over.

USA 1 mins

Family Feast

Remi Frechette

Through the eyes of Rose, witness the classic scenes of our Quebec holiday gatherings, often bound to get out of hand as the punchbowl empties. Without her cell phone to keep her mind off the party, Rose g...

Quebec, Germany 6 mins

Glass Half Whatever

Brian Budak

On a wintery, gloomy, imperfect day, I filled a glass halfway with water and placed it on the beach. When you look at the glass, is it half empty or half full? I say, whatever.

USA 1 mins

Je Suis Un Hot Dog

Chris MacDonald

C’est un film sur le cœur. (Don't worry, there are subtitles!)

USA 1 mins

Live forever

Gustav Egerstedt

A musical love letter and tribute to the poor victims in horror films that didn’t make it to the sequel. In an anthemic song, the dead unite across genres and time.

Sweden 3 mins

My Dinner with Werner

Maverick Moore

Based on real events, real people, and real things they actually said, MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a wildly bizarre and wacky farce about a 1987, dinner date with a murder plot as the main dish.

USA 18 mins


Jimmy G. Pettigrew

Pastiche is a collection of short animation sketches that show what some films might have looked like if they had been made by another well-known filmmaker.

Quebec 4 mins

Pomme de Terre

Sebastian Doringer

Pomme de Terre is the unbearable story of an impatient potato waiting in line.

Austria 1 mins


Jocelyn Leduc

Jocelyn Leduc, a regular of DJ XL5’s event for some 12 years now, is back with a new creation of his own. Cats FOREVER!

Quebec 3 mins

La Séance

Daphnée 4000

Spiritualism opens a door to another world.

Quebec 0 mins

Session N° 78

Bridget O'Driscoll

Pavel learns English on audiocassettes every day when he gets up. Today it is his 78th session. But has he really made progress? ...

United Kingdom, France 5 mins

There's a Ghost in the House

Becky Sayers, Brad McHargue

A couple's fractured relationship is pushed to the brink when an unexpected visitor shows up in the middle of the night.

USA 7 mins

Vendredi 13 : La fille de '89

Rémi Fréchette

A bounty hunter brings back to an old shop owner an object that belongs to the famous serial killer Jason Voorhees. With English subtitles.

Quebec 7 mins

What Goes Up...

Éric Lavoie

Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? Flying into strange places far beyond the world we know? Yeah, that’s it, fly, fly. Maybe you can get away after all. Now there’s no escape. Now you are falling,...

Canada 6 mins

Who's that at the back of the bus?

Philip Hardy

Alone on the top deck of the night bus, an old lady is haunted by an unlikely apparition.

United Kingdom 5 mins


Felipe Arriagada-nunez

A young loving couple, their nosy neighbour, a reckless police officer, and an unwanted visitor who will tragically turn their lives upside down forever…

Quebec 5 mins