Le programme nocturne - Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

78 mins 9 films Canada, Quebec
Sat August 22, 2020
10:00 PM


FREE PROGRAM - The second part of the long evening celebrating Quebec genre cinema (following the 100% Fantasia program). In this half, you’ll discover strange, independent works, psychotronic, trashy, or just plain funny, to conclude the night on a surprising note. Very singular styles that deconstruct genre cinema to surprise the spectator. 100% free, broadcast live on Facebook.


Spectrum Productions

Three friends decide to embark on a techno-journey into the unknown: a suspicious virtual reality game downloaded from the dark web. As they don VR headsets within their VR headsets, they travel deeper int...

Canada 7 mins

The Horror Experience

Malik Bouabid

Four friends kidnap a bystander, strap a mask on his head containing a bomb, lock it with 4 keys and force him to play the killer of the cabin. The four friends want to experience a true horror experience ...

Quebec 16 mins

The Invitation

Devan Marinaccio

A young man is invited up to a beautiful woman's apartment. An ideal situation, until he meets the strange older woman she lives with.

Quebec 2 mins


Miguel Plante

We all have our ways of living a breakup. Is there really a limite on what we can do to find peace again ?

Canada 22 mins

Red Sky

Ethan Corston

In an alternate earth, the apocalypse has wrecked havoc on Tyler’s whole reality.

Quebec 5 mins

Dépression Saisonnière

Yohann Thiou

Elisa doesn't want to go out. Vincent doesn't hear it that way.

Quebec 8 mins

L'ombre Noire III

Daisy Bellefleur Bacon

The Black Shadow, a bloody killer known for his scary apparitions, is back in force to take revenge on a young man and continue his destructive work. Will he succeed or meet a formidable foe?

Quebec 7 mins

First Bite

Vincenzo Nappi

Alex is struggling in a venue bathroom as she finds herself ill at a metal concert.

Quebec 6 mins


Jimmy G. Pettigrew

An introverted man builds himself a machine that can fulfill his desires.

Quebec 7 mins


Sat August 22, 2020
10:00 PM