Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

Les Fantastiques Week-ends : Love

94 mins 9 films Quebec, Canada
Sat July 20, 2019
9:00 PM

Cinéma du musée

Films that show that love has no age, gender or religion. It’s an emotion that can express itself for others, or for a passion, one which is lived out loud or secretly.

Un Tricycle et deux poules

Lawrence Côté-Collins

"Are we gonna kiss before the bug?" Be charmed by the enchanting world of shopping malls during the 2000 celebrations.

Quebec 11 mins


Jorge Camarotti

Rabah is forced to take over custody of his son Cédrick. The boy has been mute since losing his mother. Despite the financial strain caused by his immigrant status and undeterred by his fraught relationshi...

Quebec 15 mins


Marilie Bouchard

A little boy discovers an unexpected ocean treasure...

Quebec 1 mins


William Saumur

Isaac knows it too well. It is tonight he will discover what takes place in the arcade. The night is young. Arthur is the first to exit the car and to head towards the entrance. The others follow. Isaac kn...

Canada 17 mins


Nicolas Legendre

Tucson explores these early moments with a newborn, as well as this delicious BBQ recipe, once learned in the mountains, where everything was slower, less colourful.

Quebec 12 mins

Le Jet

Eve Dufaud

"When they piss standing, all men are works of art"

Canada 5 mins


Rachid Allaoua

Malek has to prove himself to join a gang. During that initiatory night, Chris, an experienced street level thug, guides him.This night will be a turning point in Malek's life and will reveal the deep conn...

Canada 12 mins

Reverse Romeo and Juliette

Mat Rich

The bilingual love story of two lost souls navigating their way through a modern dating landscape. Within the ebb and flow of a shared stream of consciousness, the highs and lows of their relationship beg ...

Quebec 2 mins

Le Prince de Val-Bé

Jean-François Leblanc

Martin, a former MTB champion, has just spent the last six years in prison. When returning to Val-Bélair, his hometown, he realizes that he is not welcomed there. His sister and niece will help him prove t...

Canada 19 mins


Sat July 20, 2019
9:00 PM

Cinéma du musée