Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

Les Fantastiques Week-ends : Growth

99 mins 9 films Canada, Quebec
Fri July 26, 2019
9:00 PM

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Children who are masters of their world, teenagers in rebellion, and generational clashes. Films that show that you never stop growing.

Les Sentiers battus

Guillaume Harvey

Maxime, a rather cerebral blogger, is back in his hometown for the Holidays. His father Jacques, a retired thrill seeker who's more the manual type, seizes the opportunity to get closer to his estranged so...

Quebec 19 mins


Ariane Louis-Seize

Four friends, a waxing kit and pot muffins.

Quebec 7 mins


Eve Ringuette

In 1829, while portaging, a young man abandons his kukum (grandmother). Years later, him and his son are camping by the haunted spot where she was abandoned.

Quebec 8 mins

Le Déménagement

Gabriel Vilandré

A father struggles to express his emotions when helping his son move.

Quebec 7 mins

Sois Sage

Anik Jean

Nathan is a 6 years old kid like most kids of his age with a lot of imagination. He loves to dress-up and be in a character of monsters, zombies, vampires, super hero. He would prefer to play with someone ...

Quebec 14 mins


Erin Collins

The amazing story of Steven Collins, a ski jumper and Olympic multi-medalist.

Canada 3 mins

Wild (Indomptable)

Morgana McKenzie

It’s the summer of 1937. Something is living in the corn field. Young Ida doesn’t know what it is, but it seems to understand her better than anyone else on her uncle’s farm.

Canada 17 mins

Brave Little Army

Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt

When rebel girl Em saunters into their grade 7 classroom one fateful day in 1984, K, Lu and Dee’s lives are changed forever. Immediately drawn to Em’s wise and independent ways, the girls become an insepar...

Canada 6 mins


Louis St-Pierre

After getting kicked out of his family home, Charles, a young delinquent, comes back in the dead of night and avenge himself against his mother, whom he blames for all his troubles.

Quebec 19 mins


Fri July 26, 2019
9:00 PM

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