Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

Les Fantastiques Week-ends : Dreams

97 mins 9 films France, Canada, Quebec
Sun July 21, 2019
7:00 PM

Cinéma du musée

Super powers, absurdity and shivers of horror come together in this panoply of imaginary worlds as beautiful as nightmarish.


Mathieu Renoult

Collin never accepted the disappearance of his father. His investigation to find him takes an unexpected turn when he realizes that his father’s old Polaroid camera seems to be taking distorted pictures of...

Canada, France 10 mins

Jaeborn by Numbers

Roger Gariépy

In March 2015, three paintings by Matt Jaeborn were auctioned at Christies in London. These paintings are surprising: they are paint by number made when the artist was a child. The tryptic takes off for $1...

Quebec 22 mins

Si près du but

Michaël Bédard

Let yourself get carried away by this musically spacial adventure!

Quebec 1 mins

Tu et Moi

Marie-Alexie Girouard, Janelle Marsan

It is the story of Alice trying to survive from the lurking Caroline, in the comfort of her own home. Through an experimental form, the alter ego will take over.

Quebec 15 mins

Deuil Mortel

Juan Frank Hernandez, Vincent Labelle

Joël, an amateur screenwriter who has been unable write a single word since his muse left him, struggles to finish his movie. As the fateful date of shooting is fast approaching, he encounters a mysterious...

Quebec, Canada 13 mins


Brandon Labrie

A teenager in crisis has to confront her inner demons.

Quebec 1 mins


Jeremie Brochu-Dufour

At 8 years old jacob is diagnosed with a rare type of narcolepsy. He quickly discovers that his condition opens a door to unimaginable universe.

Quebec 11 mins


Julia Langlois

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"<br>A young woman obsessed with beauty and unable to see anything but her faults, hides behind her brushes to control her appearance. This poeti...

Canada 3 mins


Geoffrey Uloth

On Halloween night, a young homeless woman named Charli is attacked in a dead-end alley by three masked men. But when one of her attackers throws a punch... time freezes... and Charli meets two mysterious ...

Quebec 21 mins


Sun July 21, 2019
7:00 PM

Cinéma du musée