L’incroyable clôture - Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

114 mins 10 films Quebec
Sun August 30, 2020
7:00 PM


PROGRAMME GRATUIT - La dernière dose de courts métrages québécois, qui déroule le tapis rouge à plusieurs premières mondiales. Entre la comédie, le drame et le documentaire, vous aurez la chance de voir pour la première fois ces courts réalisés par quelques-unes des voix les plus fortes au Québec. Des histoires touchantes, excitantes, des images magnifiques, des personnages marquants… une excellente façon de conclure cette édition. 100% gratuit, diffusé live sur Facebook.

The Gentle Art Of Violence

Andrew Przybytkowski

In the intimacy of a confessional, a priest is unusually coerced into confessing to a mysterious woman, their true nature will be revealed as the situation spirals out of control.

Quebec 5 mins

Roseline Comme Dans Les Films

Sara Bourdeau

Under the spotlights, Roseline is a major actress. While she is about to play the biggest role of her prolific career, fiction and reality interlace to shine a light on a deep dark secret.

Quebec 15 mins

Free and Beautiful

Narges Haghighat

Free and Beautiful is a poetic animated short that illustrates heartbreaking realities in three parts around the subject of violence against women.

Quebec 3 mins

L'Âge d'or

Emanuelle Lacombe

By day, Sasha works at her family’s flea market shop. By night, she makes YouTube videos in the hope of becoming the next big thing. During Quebec's National Day, a client films Sasha as she performs a due...

Quebec 22 mins

Façade - Adrift In A Sea Of Strangers

Alexandre Richard

The search for oneself in a deluded world of ignorance and insecurity.

Quebec 6 mins


Simon Gionet

During her night shift at the remote gas station, a female clerk agrees to help a man whose car broke down. While they both attempt to repair the vehicle, the driver’s intentions leave the young woman unce...

Quebec 11 mins

Mon père, Elvis

Eric Piccoli

I always thought that having an Elvis impersonating dad was something normal. As I got older, I quickly realized that it was all but that. It's actually quite special. Especially that at 70 years old, my d...

Quebec 15 mins


Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau

Following a supposed malicious act perpetrated on his daughter, a man decides to organize vigilance patrols in his neighborhood, an initiative that degenerates quickly and opens the door to amalgam and to ...

Quebec 9 mins

Quand Elle Tombe

Romain Dumont, Antoine Ryan

Élie, an ambitious young teenager, finds himself torn between Enzo, a singular sixty-something whom he works for, and his own mother who suspects the man to be linked to organized crime. It’s only when a s...

Quebec 18 mins


Florence Pelletier, Élizabeth Marcoux-Bélair

SAINT-TITE tells the story of a family living their last weekend together at the rodeos of the Festival Western de Saint-Tite.

Quebec 12 mins


Sun August 30, 2020
7:00 PM