Mon premier Fantasia au Musée McCord

My First Fantasia at the McCord Museum - Head in the Clouds

63 mins 18 films Czech Republic, South Korea, Russia, Canada, France, Quebec, Italy
Sat July 20, 2019
1:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Sat July 20, 2019
3:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Let yourself be carried away by these beautiful and moving shorts, which will please everyone. These stories come from all over the globe.

Program without dialogue.


Shin Hyun-woo

The story of a girl who had a dream of being something that caught a balloon going into a fantasy world.

South Korea 5 mins


Geneviève Lamy

Located on an arid land, a shepherd and his sheep try to save the situation.

Quebec 1 mins

Galaxy Princess

Hugo Lemonnier

A little princess gets lost in space and tries to find her way back home.

France 4 mins



In a valley, a dog lives happily with his master, an uncommon shepherd. This shepherd doesn’t only shear his sheep’s wool, he creates clouds out of it, to make rain, thus preserving the cycle of life. But ...

France 9 mins


Justine Choquette

The spirit of colour pigmented the Gry's world!

Quebec, Canada 1 mins


Fillip Diviak, Zuzana Cupová

How to get rid of the insidious cloud who won't let you sunbathe in peace?

Czech Republic 5 mins

Soleil de Nuit

Geneviève Ross

A little firefly follows the last sunrays of the day looking for a big adventure.

Quebec, Canada 1 mins


Park Sae-mi

Mira, a strange planet with a dry wind. Every night, shooting stars and meteorites fall and fireworks burst. What is happening in the sky? Those who ride the pole over the clouds go through a dangerous adv...

South Korea 5 mins

Morpho Bleu

Thanh-Long Vo

A little girl dreams to do ballet, but lacks confidence.

Canada 1 mins

A Little Light

Vladislav Bairamgulov

Winter. The fire goes out in the hearth,. And the boy, taking the lantern, goes in search of fire for his house.

Russia 8 mins


Jacynthe Lefebvre-Asselin

A little girl makes an unexpected encounter after losing her kite to the wind.

Canada 1 mins

Le Rêve de Sam

Nölwenn Roberts

By a sunny spring morning, a small mouse decides to make his dream come true, quite a crazy dream: flying with swallows. Sam has one year to the day to make it real by defying the laws of gravity and the l...

France 7 mins


Marilie Bouchard

A little boy discovers an unexpected ocean treasure...

Quebec 1 mins



Sergio, an old and solitary fisherman, takes out the heavy artillery to avenge a pelican.

France 4 mins

Pas de Quartier!

Chloé Beaulieu

A pirate captain sees her treasure threatened by a little sailor.

Quebec, Canada 1 mins

Hors piste

Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet, Loris Cavalier, Leo Brunel

The two best rescue workers of the region are ready for their new mission. Despite their professionalism and their determination, it will not go as planned...

France 6 mins


Maxim Legrand

Norbert, an adventurous cat, discovers hidden effects of what it believed to be a toy.

Quebec 1 mins


Caterina De Mata

People of different ethnic groups crowd a house in the suburbs. At night everyone plays its own music, trying to overcome the other. They will learn that to live together they have to play together.

Italy 4 mins


Sat July 20, 2019
1:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)

Sat July 20, 2019
3:00 PM

Musée McCord (Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier)