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American Fighter

Shaun Piccinino

Before Ali can help his mother, someone‘s gonna get hurt. A pinch of political thriller, a helping of California coming-of-age, and whole lotta bare-fisted battling in the bad part of town add up to a soli...

USA 98 mins

The Fable

Kan Eguchi

Equal parts slam-bang action thriller, lurid yakuza melodrama, and off-kilter dark comedy, THE FABLE becomes a bedtime story for the hapless henchmen in a skilled assassin’s path when the situation in Osak...

Japan 123 mins

First Blood

Ted Kotcheff

John Rambo may not have drawn first blood in this fight, but he's going to be damn sure he's the last one standing. Sylvester Stallone's 1980s action classic, the first of the legendary Rambo movies, resto...

USA 93 mins

Full Contact

Ringo Lam

Bangkok's ruthless criminal underworld is about to get a lesson in revenge unlike any its ever seen. Chow Yun-fat stars in this master class in action filmmaking from one of the true greats, the late Ringo...

Hong Kong 105 mins

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

Lee Won-tae

A policeman and a gang leader each have their own reasons for teaming up to take down a serial killer. Thos South Korean blockbuster starring Fantasia favourite Don Lee (TRAIN TO BUSAN) is a must for any t...

South Korea 110 mins

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Yuen Wo-Ping

Hong Kong, home to Ip Man’s erstwhile rival Cheung Tin-chi, is rocked by gang problems, which can only be solved with fists, feet and blades. A glorious throwback to the wuxia/wirework favourites of yester...

Hong Kong 108 mins

No Mercy

Lim Kyoung-tack

Desperate to rescue her sister, her rage growing exponentially, ex-con and martial-arts champion Inae will show little mercy to Eunhye’s abusers. A visceral South Korean vengeance thriller, with an action-...

South Korea 94 mins

The Prey

Jimmy Henderson

In the Cambodian jungle, undercover cop Xin must outrun his hunters and stop them before they stop him dead in his tracks. Rock-solid, high-quality action from the team behind the Fantasia 2017 hit <b>JAIL...

Cambodia 93 mins