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David Marmor

Very effectively bringing the terror out of the seemingly mundane, everyday apartment complex, the smart script and solid cast of David Marmor's debut feature will make you think of the evils inside next t...

USA 90 mins

21st Century Girl

U-ki Yamato, Yoko Yamanaka, Yuka Yasukawa, Hana Matsumoto, Momoko Fukuda, Kanae Higashi, Aimi Natsuto, Risa Takeuchi, Rin Shuto, Yukari Sakamoto, Ayaka Kato, Aya Igashi, Yuka Eda

This joyful omnibus film brings together 15 shorts from emerging female filmmakers from Japan, on the theme of love, gender and sexuality. Includes new works by Yoko Yamanaka (AMIKO), Aya Igashi (A CRIMSON...

Japan 120 mins

@ Giant Mine (A Northern Sights – 360º V...


BAM (The Borderless Art Movement), led by artist Terry Pamplin, combines live painting with musical performances, but never before have they captured this experience in Virtual Reality. Working in a circle...

Canada 5 mins

Alien Crystal Palace

Arielle Dombasle

A crazy scientist is on a quest to create a new, immaculate, androgynous being. Parisian nightlife icon Arielle Dombasle has made her own big-screen erotic fantasy, a kitsch and camp kaleidoscope, generous...

France 98 mins


Renaud Gauthier

The Wet Valley water park has become the backdrop for a bloodbath (literally), and everyone is a suspect... Extreme gore and ’80s rock clash in the bloody-as-hell horror movie from the director of DISCOPAT...

Quebec, Canada 71 mins

The Art of Self-Defense

Riley Stearns

After being mugged, meek accountant Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a karate school — and his life takes a strange and dark turn. Riley Stearns’ sophomore feature is a twisted tale of the dangers of toxic ma...

USA 104 mins


Shelagh McLeod

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, delivering his best performance in years, the debut feature from actress Shelagh McLeod is a tale of wish fulfillment that comes not from the stars but straight from Earth.<br>

Canada 98 mins

L' Attaque des clowns

Frédéric Lavigne

Clowns are not scary until you find them hidden in the back of the hall in the middle of the night.

Quebec 4 mins

Ava in the End

Ursula Ellis

After tripping over her dog and dying, a young woman wakes up in a virtual purgatory and waits for her mind to be downloaded into a new body.

USA 10 mins

Bad Hair

Oskar Lehemaa

Insecure and balding Leo has closed himself in his apartment. A mysterious hair growth liquid arrives at his doorstep and Leo uses it to fix up his looks. The liquid causes a series of grotesque metamorpho...

Estonia 15 mins

Bar Fight

Benjamin R. Moody

When a machete-wielding cult walks into a bar, one bartender is in for the longest night of his life.

USA 5 mins

Bedtime Story

Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres

A witch that is observing from the apartment across the street and a story no child should ever hear. Dani is trying to sleep on the top bunkbed, while his mother is telling Lucas a story on the one below....

Spain 9 mins


Kyle Gregory Sanderson

A young man attempts to retrace the steps of a psychotic break, gaining insight into the inner workings of his mind.

Canada 17 mins

Best of Utopiales

Frederick Temps

From Les Utopiales in Nantes, France (among Europe’s biggest science fiction events), the festival’s favourite short films of recent vintage — a panoply of head-scratchers, heartbreakers, and mindblowers.<...

International 98 mins

Black Cat in a Dark Room

Leland Montgomery

After years of helping euthanize the terminally ill, a “hospice worker” begins to question the ethics of her job.

USA 15 mins


Joe Begos

After a wild night out, sobriety-challenged young artist Dezzy realizes the fix she needs is not chemical but biological, and she dives headfirst to a neon-lit world of loud music, dark shadows and blood!<...

USA 80 mins

Le Blizzard

Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

Second World War. Marie wakes up wounded and disoriented in the middle of a blizzard. In front, a mysterious forest separates her from her daughter.

Andorra 13 mins

The Boogeywoman

Erica Scoggins

In the fever of her first period, a curious teenager is drawn to her small town’s local legend, only to find that the “Boogeywoman” is flesh and blood--the mother she never had.

USA 18 mins

Brave Father Online - Our Story of Final...

Teruo Noguchi, Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Operation Dad the Warrior of Light is a go! But real life isn’t a game… The latest feature film from the gaming franchise, an inspired combination of virtual combat, animated melodrama and real-world domes...

Japan 114 mins

Bruce McDonald's Dreamland

Bruce McDonald

A grotesque gang boss (the inimitable Henry Rollins) hires a stonecold killer (the equally inimitable Stephen McHattie) to bring him the finger of a fading, drug-addicted jazz legend (also played by McHatt...

Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg 92 mins

The Burden

Nico Van den Brink

A young woman visits her boyfriend’s family home and learns about a sinister history with his creepy neighbor. Soon, all kinds of skeletons come out of the closet.

Netherlands 17 mins

Call For a Good Time

Jon Rhoads, Mike Marrerro

A stoner finds out why you never call the numbers scrawled on the bathroom stall.

USA 5 mins

The Caretaker

USA 13 mins

Changes (A Northern Sights – 360º Virtu...

Carmen Braden

Composer Carmen Braden performs an original piece on an acoustic piano that has been sunk and frozen into the Great Slave Lake. The performance, which also captures sounds above and below the frozen lake, ...

Canada 5 mins