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Beauty Water

Cho Kyung-hun

In a society as obsessed with physical appearance as modern South Korea, ugliness is a fate worse than death.

South Korea 18 mins

A Costume for Nicolas

Eduardo Rivero

As Nicholas and David find out, just because it’s make-believe doesn’t mean it’s not real! A wild and colourful fantasy with a special point to make.

Mexico 82 mins


Iva Ciric

To live and grow is a battle, to blossom is a victory.

Serbia, Croatia 6 mins

Genius Loci

Adrien Mérigeau

For an alienated soul, a city of millions is the loneliest place. Adrien Mérigeau’s pensive GENIUS LOCI is a tour-de-force of design and handcrafted art, at the service of potent expression.

France 16 mins

Gon, The Little Fox

Takeshi Yashiro

No good deed goes unpunished. Crafted with natural materials, a beautiful, tragic stop-motion adaptation of the most famous fable from Niimi Nankichi, regarded to be the Hans Christian Andersen of Japan.

Japan 28 mins

The Grave Of Saint Oran

Jim Batt

Two saints build a church on the island of Iona, but blood will stain its stones. Based on the haunting poem “In Relig Odhrain” by Neil Gaiman, who narrates most eloquently.

USA, Australia 9 mins

Homo ErecTattoos

Kim Tae-woo

A terrible accident leaves a young soldier horribly scarred, but his rediscovery of art heals his wounded soul, in this brief but powerful animated documentary.

South Korea 8 mins

Inside Blue

Chen Yi-Chien

A neurotic fellow’s visit to the bathroom proves to be unraveling.

Taiwan 6 mins


Kim Kang-min

With prayers in the daytime and dreams at night, a mother protects her son.

South Korea 9 mins

The Old Man Movie

Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa

Estonian stop-motion shock comedy THE OLD MAN: THE MOVIE is a hair-raising hellride of back-country horrors, gross-out gags, and rural surrealism!

Estonia 88 mins

Peace and Love

Etienne Faivre

Peace isn’t easy to find, even in the middle of a placid sea.

France 3 mins


Alan Bidard

From Fantasia regular Alain Bidard, a meditation of solitude and connection created as the reality of the global quarantine set in.

Martinique 5 mins


Kim Kyoung-bae

An anxious young man is drawn into painting of a procession, and soon enough wishes he weren’t! A startling

South Korea 3 mins

The Spinning Top

Shiva Momtahen

A child is looking after his spinning top, but it’s been lost in the dreams and memories

Iran 7 mins

There Were Four of Us

Cassie Shao

A curious quartet congregates in this vibrant, experimental work.

USA, China 7 mins

Thin Blue Variety Show

Gretta Wilson

A thread runs though every television in America, marking the line of morality. A startlingly timely stop-motion film.

USA 4 mins


Kalp Sanghvi, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya

In a near-future India ravaged by climate change, survival has become a struggle, and the beasts are no longer what they were. A little masterpiece from Kolkata’s promising studio Ghost Animation.

India 11 mins

The Weather is Lovely

Lien Chun-Chien

Love is literally in the air in this exciting, visually breathtaking storm of meteorological sci-fi from Dottodot, a Taiwanese studio bound to break out big.

China 14 mins


Kim Sangdong

Ancient Korean mythology lives again in this exciting and elegantly designed adventure.

South Korea 8 mins