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12 Hour Shift

Brea Grant

A gripping black-comedy thriller, following a junkie nurse through grisly criminal happenings as she funds her habit through organ harvesting.

USA 87 mins

Chasing Dream

Johnnie To

Johnnie To’s latest! A heartfelt and unexpected blend of romance, musical and MMA sports drama!

Hong Kong 118 mins

Come True

Anthony Scott Burns

Dreams twist. Nightmares come true. A distinctive and compelling work of dark science fiction/horror that haunts the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Canada 105 mins

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

Thomas Lee

Ritual magic clashes against Protestant superstition in this atmospheric and freakishly nightmarish descent into the mythic.

Canada 93 mins

The Dark & The Wicked

Bryan Bertino

A harrowing supernatural nightmare from the writer/director of THE STRANGERS, starring Marin Ireland and Michael Abbott Jr.

USA 95 mins

I WeirDo

Liao Ming-Yi

Obsessive-compulsive misfits Po-ching and Chen Ching seem as perfect as an imperfect pair could be, but will normality derail their love?

Taiwan 102 mins


Sidharth Srinivasan

A DJ finds himself plunged into a nightmare odyssey in this transgressive and mystically atmospheric New Delhi fever dream.

United Kingdom, India 96 mins

Legally Declared Dead

Yuen Kim-Wai

A sketchy suicide triggers a righteous insurance broker to plunge into an investigation that puts his life at premium risk.

Hong Kong 109 mins


Daria Woszek

Mary is coming up on her 50th birthday and is facing menopause.

Poland 80 mins

Me And Me

Jung Jin-young

Investigating the fire that claimed a couple’s life in a country village, detective Hyung-gu begins to wonder if he’s really himself…

South Korea 105 mins

Project Dreams: How to Build Mazinger Z'...

Tsutomu Hanabusa

What if Mazinger Z existed after all? Together, Asegawa and his team will do their utmost to achieve the impossible: make the imaginary real.

Japan 115 mins

Special Actors

Shinichiro Ueda

Shinichiro Ueda (ONE CUT OF THE DEAD) is back with the highly anticipated SPECIAL ACTORS – in which actors infiltrate a cult and turn the entire world into a stage!

Japan 109 mins


Chino Moya

The film's narrators maneuver through a deserted, crumbling, grayish-blue city, gathering bodies as they go and sharing nightmarish stories of a long-ago abandoned past.

Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom 92 mins

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Yuichi Fukuda

With its amazing soundtrack, the superb musical/romantic comedy WOTAKOI is the perfect immersion into the fascinating world of otaku culture!

Japan 114 mins