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Alexandre Prieur-Grenier

2011 navigates between dream and reality, between the film within the film and the film you're watching. A first film without compromise.

Quebec 89 mins


Alexa Tremblay-Francoeur

Living in surreal universe, Mathilde, a young girl who is studying the violin in a peculiar school, finds her everyday life changed when her hands fuse with her instrument.

Quebec 5 mins


Matt Soar

ASANASA (aka Lost Leaders #21) is a trippy trip through the boys-own histories of rocketry and space flight, a wry commentary on gendered fantasies of off-world exploration.

Quebec 5 mins


Maximillien Rolland

Loïc is alone in the anechoic room. What had he done to find himself in there? Since when? He only came to the audiology clinic for a little hiss in his ear...

Quebec 18 mins


Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn

Ridden with grief after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, GETTY turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for Redemption. The...

Quebec 13 mins

Cake Day

Phillip Thomas

Cameron emotionally deteriorates as he contemplates the consequences of honesty on a day of celebration.

Quebec 15 mins


Simon Gionet

During her night shift at the remote gas station, a female clerk agrees to help a man whose car broke down. While they both attempt to repair the vehicle, the driver’s intentions leave the young woman unce...

Quebec 11 mins

Le Chant de la Corneille

Raphaël Lacaille

Phil is startled awake in the middle of the night. He wakes up his girlfriend, believing she is playing tricks on him in his sleep. An argument ensues. In this tale on immaturity, these so called adults wi...

Quebec 7 mins


Kevin T. Landry

Tribute to the therapeutic virtues of losing your s**t told in six stories.

Quebec 9 mins


Romane Garant Chartrand

Saša and Denis, two brothers, take us on a tour of their city: Prague.

Quebec, Czech Republic 11 mins



Two friends are cast into a nightmare after crossing paths with a strange man.

Quebec 13 mins

Dépression Saisonnière

Yohann Thiou

Elisa doesn't want to go out. Vincent doesn't hear it that way.

Quebec 8 mins

Façade - Adrift In A Sea Of Strangers

Alexandre Richard

The search for oneself in a deluded world of ignorance and insecurity.

Quebec 6 mins

First Bite

Vincenzo Nappi

Alex is struggling in a venue bathroom as she finds herself ill at a metal concert.

Quebec 6 mins


Matthew Fournier

Katie is inviting friends to help with renovations in the basement, but her boyfriend Benjamin seems strangely determined to push back the work at all costs.

Canada 10 mins

Free and Beautiful

Narges Haghighat

Free and Beautiful is a poetic animated short that illustrates heartbreaking realities in three parts around the subject of violence against women.

Quebec 3 mins

The Gentle Art Of Violence

Andrew Przybytkowski

In the intimacy of a confessional, a priest is unusually coerced into confessing to a mysterious woman, their true nature will be revealed as the situation spirals out of control.

Quebec 5 mins

Gris Lointain

Hugo Belhassen

In a post-pandemic Tokyo, a young man continues to isolate himself from others.

Quebec 10 mins

Gros Mardi

Roger Gariépy

BUSY TUESDAY is a little poem that celebrates the evanescence of things and outdoor cardio.

Quebec 3 mins

Hail to the Deadites

Steve Villeneuve

This year's must-see documentary for true horror fans: a series of interviews with EVIL DEAD enthusiasts, as well as the films’ craftsmen.

Quebec 78 mins

The Horror Experience

Malik Bouabid

Four friends kidnap a bystander, strap a mask on his head containing a bomb, lock it with 4 keys and force him to play the killer of the cabin. The four friends want to experience a true horror experience ...

Quebec 16 mins

The Invitation

Devan Marinaccio

A young man is invited up to a beautiful woman's apartment. An ideal situation, until he meets the strange older woman she lives with.

Quebec 2 mins

Jeep Boys

Alec Pronovost

Simon manages to take time off from his job to visit his girlfriend in Toronto, but on one condition: to give a lift to JP, a turbo-charged employee at the Thetford Mines branch. Their Jeep trip goes smoot...

Quebec 23 mins

Kitty's Naughty Knickers

Caitlyn Sponheimer

An aspiring law student resorts to selling her dirty underwear online, accidentally balancing the scales of justice with her ex at the same time.

Quebec 13 mins