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Alexandre Prieur-Grenier

2011 navigates between dream and reality, between the film within the film and the film you're watching. A first film without compromise.

Quebec 89 mins

Air Doll

Hirokazu Kore-eda

They're in love and if Nozomi weren't an inflatable doll, their relationship would be an ideal one. Unique and poignant, a magic-realist meditation.

Japan 116 mins

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

Jose Mojica Marins

José Mojica Marins’ debut as the atheist gravedigger with a penchant for savage violence, who wishes to populate the world with others like himself.

Brazil 84 mins

Baby : The Secret Diary of A Mom To Be

Luk Yee-Sum

When Carmen finds out she’s three months pregnant, she’s hardly filled with a maternal glow. When you’re expecting, expect the unexpected!

Hong Kong 94 mins

Beauty Water

Cho Kyung-hun

In a society as obsessed with physical appearance as modern South Korea, ugliness is a fate worse than death.

South Korea 18 mins

Chasing Dream

Johnnie To

Johnnie To’s latest! A heartfelt and unexpected blend of romance, musical and MMA sports drama!

Hong Kong 118 mins

Clapboard Jungle

Justin McConnell

Justin McConnell (LIFECHANGER) takes us on a guided tour of the perilous waters that independent filmmakers navigate.

Canada 98 mins

Climate of the Hunter

Mickey Reece

Two sisters vie for the affections of a man who may or not be a bloodsucking vampire. A subversive, improbably seductive camp classic.

USA 90 mins

The Columnist

Ivo Van Aart

Columnist Femke Boot wants to shut her critics up – permanently. Hell hath no fury like someone insulted on social media.

Netherlands 84 mins

Cosmic Candy

Rinio Dragasaki

Exploring the frivolities of youth and the difficulties of mental illness, COSMIC CANDY is a sparkling burst of optimism in the face of profound gloom.

France, Greece 95 mins

A Costume for Nicolas

Eduardo Rivero

As Nicholas and David find out, just because it’s make-believe doesn’t mean it’s not real! A wild and colourful fantasy with a special point to make.

Mexico 82 mins

Crazy Samurai Musashi

Yuji Shimomura

Japan’s most legendary swordsman defeats hundreds of opponents in a single, 77-minute shot. An almost transcendental marathon of mayhem.

Japan 92 mins

La Dosis

Martin Kraut

Two tears of thrills, one drop of terror – the perfect dose for your next nightmare.

Argentina 93 mins

The End Of Man

Jose Mojica Marins

A strange naked man manages to attract a large following as some sort of a messiah. One of Marins’ most avant-garde works.

Brazil 79 mins

Feels Good Man

Arthur Jones

A playful and thoroughly entertaining documentary about Matt Furie’s iconic Pepe the Frog character – used and abused, claimed and reclaimed.

USA 94 mins

Fly Me to the Saitama

Hideki Takeuchi

Hideki Takeuchi (THERMAE ROMAE) returned to zany, anachronistic fantasy with his adaptation of a classic 1982 manga.

Japan 107 mins

Free Country

Christian Alvart

Two years after German reunification, two out-of-town detectives begin to uncover the dark secrets of a lawless backwoods area.

Germany 127 mins

Fried Barry

Ryan Kruger

Oozing dread and dripping grime, FRIED BARRY is a wild adventure through the fringes of humanity. A bold new entry in South African cinema.

South Africa 99 mins

Fuku-chan of FukuFuku Flats

Yosuke Fujita

A feelgood, laugh-out-loud indie comedy hit, mixing humor with a great deal of heart-tugging pathos.

Japan 110 mins

Hail to the Deadites

Steve Villeneuve

This year's must-see documentary for true horror fans: a series of interviews with EVIL DEAD enthusiasts, as well as the films’ craftsmen.

Quebec 78 mins

A Hero Never Dies

Johnnie To

Two rival assassins are betrayed by their bosses and left for dead in Johnnie To’s 1998 classic, a stylish rejuvenation of the tired triad genre.

Hong Kong 97 mins

HK2: The Abnormal Crisis

Yuichi Fukuda

The funny, inventive and very well executed HK2 delivers once again another wild and noisy night your underwear won’t soon forget.

Japan 119 mins

HK: Forbidden Super Hero

Yuichi Fukuda

Crooks and creeps of all stripes, fear the Masked Pervert! Exactly the type of irreverent, richly humorous production that engulfs Fantasia in bliss.

Japan 105 mins


Noah Hutton

Noah Hutton’s speculative LAPSIS is an alt-present sci-fi thriller most relevant to the horror of our current, late-capitalist moment.

USA 108 mins