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Park Yeon

They were twins in the womb, but only one of the boys has a place in the world of the living. A ghost story that upends expectations.

South Korea 8 mins

Another Child

Kim Yoon-seok

Joo-ri’s father has an affair with the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah, straining the teenage girls’s friendship. Actor Kim Yoon-seok’s directorial debut is imbued with a finesse and sensitivity that highl...

South Korea 96 mins


Shin Hyun-woo

The story of a girl who had a dream of being something that caught a balloon going into a fantasy world.

South Korea 5 mins


Han Seong-heun

A bartender’s shift concludes with a lively musical flight of fancy.

South Korea 1 mins


Lee Sol-hee

A bear soldier who likes small and lovely things is chasing a little rabbit intruder. He has to catch the rabbit for the mission. However, the rabbit puts a flower ring on him and asks him to be a friend.

South Korea 2 mins

The Death Vendor

Jeon Jinkyu

A little handful of life isn’t only thing that a couple of coins will buy you in this desolate meditation from the director of ON THE WHITE PLANET (Fantasia 2015).

Japan, South Korea 6 mins

The Divine Fury

Kim Joo-hwan

What more could one hope for than an action movie featuring mixed martial arts, mashed up with horror in the form of hair-raising exorcisms and demons dead-set on harming the whole of humanity? THE DIVINE ...

South Korea 129 mins

Door Lock

Lee Kwon

Actress Gong Hyo-Jin (CRUSH AND BLUSH) returns to the Fantasia screen in this nail-biting thriller deeply rooted in the female experience, deftly portraying a woman accustomed to hostility and dismissal wh...

South Korea 102 mins

The Dude in Me

Kang Hyo-jin

After an overweight teenager literally falls on him, a gangster realizes to his great dismay that they have swapped bodies. Packed with outlandish twists and turns, this fantasy comedy skilfully juggles ga...

South Korea 122 mins

Extreme Job

Lee Byeong-heon

A narcotics squad sets up a fried-chicken restaurant for surveillance, but will its unexpected success make them forget the actual goal of their operation? This wildly entertaining action-comedy was the su...

South Korea 111 mins

The First Class

Kim Myung-eun

A charming, playful little romp through the systematized soul-crushing of conformist tyranny.

South Korea 4 mins

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

Lee Won-tae

A policeman and a gang leader each have their own reasons for teaming up to take down a serial killer. Thos South Korean blockbuster starring Fantasia favourite Don Lee (TRAIN TO BUSAN) is a must for any t...

South Korea 110 mins

Hit-and-Run Squad

Jun-hee Han

Catching a billionaire killer will take a lot of gas, grease and grit, but Seoul’s hit-and-run squad is about to put the pedal the metal. A crackerjack mix of cops, crooks and cars that delivers big-time, ...

South Korea 133 mins

House of Hummingbird

Kim Bora

A new teacher takes Eun-hee under her wing and teaches her to raise her head to finally be respected. Filmmaker Kim Bora has just taken her place among Korean film stars with the masterpiece HOUSE OF HUMMI...

South Korea 138 mins


Lee Su-jin

A dark, fascinating and bloody psychological thriller that trenchantly addresses universal themes such as immigration, class struggle and morality, from the director of the award-winning HAN GONG-JU.<br>

South Korea 144 mins


Ok-seop Yi

When a scandalous X-ray of two people having sex surfaces at her hospital, nurse Yoon-young’s world is turned upside down. Sinkholes, talking fish, and a slacker boyfriend are only the beginning in Yi Ok-s...

South Korea 88 mins


Park Sae-mi

Mira, a strange planet with a dry wind. Every night, shooting stars and meteorites fall and fireworks burst. What is happening in the sky? Those who ride the pole over the clouds go through a dangerous adv...

South Korea 5 mins

Miss and Mrs. Cops

Jung Da-won

There are a lot of badass lady cops in Seoul, and they're all ready to prove their worth and kick some scumbags’ asses! Remember the buddy cop movie? Writer-director Jung Da-Won has magically resurrected i...

South Korea 107 mins


Park Noo-ri

Stockbroker Il-Hyun needs a plan to settle up with mysterious insider The Ticket, the law and his conscience before his own ticket is cashed in for good. A slick, commercial thriller about the corrupt worl...

South Korea 115 mins

The Moon in the Hidden Woods

Takahiro Umehara

Princess Navillera and the musician Janggu confront marvels and monsters as fate shakes the world… and the heavens above! An exquisite blend of steampunk, Korean folk styles and otherworldy fantasy, pepper...

South Korea 97 mins

My Moon

Lee Eusong

A bittersweet beauty, charting a love triangle between heavenly bodies.

USA, South Korea 9 mins

No Mercy

Lim Kyoung-tack

Desperate to rescue her sister, her rage growing exponentially, ex-con and martial-arts champion Inae will show little mercy to Eunhye’s abusers. A visceral South Korean vengeance thriller, with an action-...

South Korea 94 mins

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

Lee Min-jae

Zzongbie, a living dead who is not only harmless but also a walking dose of Viagra, is captured by the eccentric Park family. South Korean Zom-com THE ODD FAMILY has a ball reanimating the done-to-death co...

South Korea 112 mins

Rainy Season

Kim Se-yoon

Something’s not right, on such a dreadful night…

South Korea 4 mins