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1987: When the Day Comes

Jang Joon-hwan

A race against time implicating students, prisoners, journalists, revolutionaries and lawyers in a q...

South Korea 129 mins

An Obituary

Jean Yoon

South Korea 14 mins


Lee Hae-young

With no family and nothing to lose, Rak agrees to help Detective Jo to go undercover in drug kingpin...

South Korea 124 mins

Best Partner Ever

Seo Hee

A young witch and her unlikely companion must team up to keep up at the magic academy.

South Korea 7 mins


Kim Yong-wan

Mark (Don Lee), a disgraced former arm-wrestling champ rebuilding his career, will face a variety of...

South Korea 108 mins

Crazy Cat

Seo Ji-hyeong

A feline video-gamer will stop at nothing for the upgrade it wants, in this snarky mash-up of hand-d...

South Korea 6 mins

Eyes in the Red Wind

Sngmoo Lee

South Korea 11 mins

The Fortress

Hwang Dong-hyuk

As the enemy presses in and reserves run short, wisdom, determination and even luck seem ever less l...

South Korea 139 mins

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Jeong Beom-sik

South Korea?s found-footage sleeper hit, set in the real-life, abandoned Namyang Mental Hospital in ...

South Korea 94 mins

The Great Hand and the Bulgasari

Kim Minhye

A fable told in fragments of fabric, about speaking truth to power – and the consequences thereof.

South Korea 6 mins

I Have a Date With Spring

Baek Seung-bin

Interested in the plight of outcasts and wishing for a more humane society, South Korean writer-dire...

South Korea 93 mins

Island of the Deceased

Kim JiHyeon

For a young man with a questionable hobby, a secluded graveyard island is the perfect place to set u...

South Korea 9 mins

Last Child

Shin Dong-seok

A father, mother, and best friend struggle with a loved boy's death in this novelistic story of loss...

South Korea 124 mins

Lovely Girl

Park Yena

The sweet highs and harsh lows of that eternal moment, when boy meets girl. An internal affair, of s...

South Korea 6 mins


Jeon Go-woon

When a hike of the price of cigarettes forces her to alter her habits, Miso embraces homelessness in...

South Korea 104 mins

Nose Nose Nose EYES!

Jiwon Moon

South Korea 14 mins

The Outlaws

Kang Yun-sung

Seoul cop Ma and his team have ten days to shut down the Black Dragon Gang from China, who fear no f...

South Korea 121 mins

Satan's Slaves

Joko Anwar

This loving remake of the 1980s Indonesian classic, putting a secular family against the supernatura...

South Korea, Indonesia 107 mins

Saturday's Apartment

Jeon Seungbae

Neighbours must learn to live together peacefully.

South Korea 8 mins

True Fiction

Kim Jin-mook

A true screenwriting gem filled with sharp dialogue delivered with surgical precision, TRUE FICTION ...

South Korea 102 mins


Park Hoon-jung

The world may be riveted by North Korean/South Korean tensions, but leave it to director Park Hoon-J...

South Korea 128 mins

The Vanished

Lee Chang-hee

In this clockwork thriller, nothing is what it seems. Not even a corpse. THE VANISHED is a piece of ...

South Korea 102 mins

What a Man Wants

Byeong-heon Lee

Everything goes smoothly for adulterous Bong-soo until his mistress decides to get hired as a waitre...

South Korea 100 mins

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

Park Hoon-jung

Park Hoon-jung (I SAW THE DEVIL, this year's V.I.P.) reinvents tired superhero formulas for somethin...

South Korea 126 mins