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Big Brother

Kam Ka-Wai

Unconventional teacher Mr. Chen and his beloved students are going to give their unwelcome guests th...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins

The Brink

Jonathan Li

A disgraced cop and a renegade criminal pursue an underwater jackpot of gold, as a massive typhoon b...

Hong Kong, China 101 mins

Da Hu Fa


Formidable fighter Da Hu Fa discovers a hidden town where dread, violence and corruption pervade. A ...

China 93 mins

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings

Tsui Hark

China's Tang Dynasty era, a time of worldliness and wonders, explode with action, innovation, inspir...

Hong Kong, China 132 mins

I Don't Like the Comics You Drew

Lei Lei

A regular of our animation section Axis, Lei Lei lets loose here with freeform doodling and a viciou...

China 4 mins

One Small Step

Bobby Pontillas, Andrew Chesworth

Introducing promising new American-Chinese studio Taiko, this brief but potent tale of what’s ahead,...

USA, China 8 mins

People's Republic of Desire

Hao Wu

Marginally talented Internet personalities skyrocket to fame in Hao Wu’s provocative, dystopian docu...

USA, China 95 mins

The Unity of Heroes

Lin Zhenzhao

Legendary Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-Hung strikes again with a vengeance after a 20-year hiatus! UNI...

China 104 mins