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Brenda López Zepeda

ABEO is a hard hitting mixed media animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search for a better life.

Quebec, Canada 7 mins

Alexis Inside

Brandon Blomamert

A factory worker's carefree existence is disrupted when she becomes an unwitting home to an aimless wandering sentient fog.

Canada 13 mins


Park Yeon

They were twins in the womb, but only one of the boys has a place in the world of the living. A ghost story that upends expectations.

South Korea 8 mins


Gints Zilbalodis

Whatever lies ahead, the boy must move forward – hope insists upon it, and the mysterious monster pursuing him compels it. A spare and archetypal tale-for-all-ages in CG animation, imbued with frequent mom...

Latvia 75 mins

Baby Food

Yekaterina Kobtseva

In a peaceful suburban neighborhood a beautiful young woman is cooking lunch for her baby. The idyll is distorted when it is revealed that all this time the mother was preparing a meal for herself.

Quebec, Canada 2 mins


Han Seong-heun

A bartender’s shift concludes with a lively musical flight of fancy.

South Korea 1 mins


Donato Sansone

A painter’s brush becomes an instrument of medical inquiry — and darker digressions — in this work of alarming and innovative animation.

France 5 mins

Blanche Comme Neige

Patricia Sousa Lopes

Caught in a snowstorm, an exhausted young girl finds refuge in a mysterious woman's home.

Canada 1 mins


David Barlow-Krelina

Caterpillarplasty is a satirical and psychedelic take on beauty ideologies blown out of proportion. In a technologically advanced society with ever-increasing options for body modification, people seek ext...

Quebec 5 mins

Cencoroll Connect

Atsuya Uki

Ten years after the anime maxi-short CENCOROLL world-premiered at Fantasia 2009, the surrealist sci-fi teen drama is back. Casually uncanny and uncommonly cool, CENCOROLL CONNECT is a true event for fans o...

Japan 75 mins

Cinema cubisme 2

François Mercier

Animation of 53 references of films in cubism graphics.

Quebec 6 mins


Justine Choquette

The spirit of colour pigmented the Gry's world!

Quebec, Canada 1 mins


Jérémie Pagé

A dead man comes back to life and makes a terrible discovery.

Canada 1 mins

The Death Vendor

Jeon Jinkyu

A little handful of life isn’t only thing that a couple of coins will buy you in this desolate meditation from the director of ON THE WHITE PLANET (Fantasia 2015).

Japan, South Korea 6 mins


Anna Kritskaya

A cheerful film about the harsh Russian winter.

Russia 7 mins

An Eye for an Eye

Julia Ploch

The courageous Red Frog and his little admirer set out on a quest for the fabled god of their lake, the enormous Catfish. Krakow-based illustrator Julia Ploch (VICE, etc.) adapts her own mythically charged...

Poland 17 mins

The First Class

Kim Myung-eun

A charming, playful little romp through the systematized soul-crushing of conformist tyranny.

South Korea 4 mins


Imazu Yoshiki

A cavalcade of heretofore unheard-of critters, great and small, cute and hirsute.

Japan 7 mins

Galaxy Princess

Hugo Lemonnier

A little princess gets lost in space and tries to find her way back home.

France 4 mins

Garo - Under the Moonbow

Keita Amemiya

The latest entry in Japanese science-fantasy icon Keita Amemiya’s ongoing chronicle of otherworldly conflict, resplendent with Gothic gravitas and gritty techno-punk, mystical symbolism and elegant antique...

Japan 106 mins

Giant Bear

Neil Christopher, Daniel Gies

Alone on the arctic ice, a hunter confronts a colossal foe. An Inuit spin on the giant-monster genre!

Canada 12 mins

The Girl and the Serpent

Jinyue Wan, Du Jinzhi

Fearing the malevolent snake-devil’s wrath, the village sends another maiden to be sacrificed — but things will be different this time.

USA 6 mins

The Girl from the Other Side

Yutaro Kubo, Satomi Maiya

The anime debut of innocent little Shiva and the demonic chaperone she calls Teacher, well known to the devoted readership of the manga.

Japan 10 mins


Fish Wang

In a world not ruled by humans, a boy won’t let his dreams be stolen — and such dark dreams they are.

Taiwan 17 mins