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Danick Audet, Lauranne Arrighy, Léann Ménard, Sarah Soilihi, Laura Bussières, Antoine Goudaert, Mario Sautre

In his shabby basement, a young man finds an old VHS tape. The content of this tape begins as an ordinary 80s cooking show, but it quickly turns into a horror story.

Quebec 6 mins

Alexis Inside

Brandon Blomamert

A factory worker's carefree existence is disrupted when she becomes an unwitting home to an aimless wandering sentient fog.

Canada 13 mins

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

Ted Kotcheff

Decades after it changed the face of Canadian cinema, Ted Kotcheff’s adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s biting and satirical novel still packs a punch. More than a historical oddity, it stands tall as one of...

Canada 120 mins


William Saumur

Isaac knows it too well. It is tonight he will discover what takes place in the arcade. The night is young. Arthur is the first to exit the car and to head towards the entrance. The others follow. Isaac kn...

Canada 17 mins

The Art of Self-Defense

Riley Stearns

After being mugged, meek accountant Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a karate school — and his life takes a strange and dark turn. Riley Stearns’ sophomore feature is a twisted tale of the dangers of toxic ma...

USA 104 mins

L' Attaque des clowns

Frédéric Lavigne

Clowns are not scary until you find them hidden in the back of the hall in the middle of the night.

Quebec 4 mins

Avec Tchaïkovsky

Marc-André Girard

In a primary school, Martin reherses with the kids their annual show. But the afternoon does not unfold as he would have liked...

Canada 11 mins

Baby Food

Yekaterina Kobtseva

In a peaceful suburban neighborhood a beautiful young woman is cooking lunch for her baby. The idyll is distorted when it is revealed that all this time the mother was preparing a meal for herself.

Quebec, Canada 2 mins

Black Magic For White Boys

Onur Tukel

An ageing magician comes up with a devilish plan to save his piece of old New York by invoking some real black magic. Harsh realities and fantastic illusions come together in this bizarre comic adventure.<...

USA 105 mins

Une bombe au coeur

Rémi St-Michel

To follow the passion that makes his heart beat or to risk his integrity in order to reach the firmament. This is a man’s ultimate dilemma when he finds himself at the edge of the precipice.

Quebec 21 mins

Brave Little Army

Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt

When rebel girl Em saunters into their grade 7 classroom one fateful day in 1984, K, Lu and Dee’s lives are changed forever. Immediately drawn to Em’s wise and independent ways, the girls become an insepar...

Canada 6 mins

Bruce McDonald's Dreamland

Bruce McDonald

A grotesque gang boss (the inimitable Henry Rollins) hires a stonecold killer (the equally inimitable Stephen McHattie) to bring him the finger of a fading, drug-addicted jazz legend (also played by McHatt...

Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg 92 mins

Ça Grille en Maudit

Yvanie Therrien

Miette who is a determined little worker, loves to bring the best out of her factory even if it means burning everything to the ground.

Canada 1 mins


David Barlow-Krelina

Caterpillarplasty is a satirical and psychedelic take on beauty ideologies blown out of proportion. In a technologically advanced society with ever-increasing options for body modification, people seek ext...

Quebec 5 mins


Felipe Arriagada-nunez

To survive, a young man must obey the commands of an armed arm.

Canada 9 mins

Cheech et Chong - La suite

Tommy Chong

A crazy ride through Los Angeles with the iconic duo of cinematic stoners. This cheerfully woozy film is particularly well served by dialogue dubbed in rich, ripe joual.

USA 99 mins


Miguel Plante

Three young friends, a dark cabin, a wandering killer... You think you've already seen this movie ? You're probably right...

Quebec 8 mins

Come to Daddy

Ant Timpson

Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie and Martin Donovan star in this inventively genre-bending thrill ride that begins as a quirky comedy about estranged family attempting a reconnection, and soon shifts lanes on...

Canada, Ireland, New Zealand 94 mins

Dance With Me

Shinobu Yaguchi

Ambitious financier Shizuka, who despises stage musicals, has accidentally been hypnotized. Now, a ringing phone or radio jingle will set her off… A sassy send-up of musical comedies with genuinely catchy,...

Japan 103 mins

Dans le coffre

Olivier Séguin-Dang, Jacob Marcoux

After a gruesome accident, Pascal and Vivianne must find a way to conceal any evidence linking them to their crime, while being faced with their unsuccessful romantic relationship.

Quebec 14 mins

Le Dépanneur

Nicolas Beauchemin

When a man attempts to rob a corner store, he realizes he's not the only one who has had this idea.

Quebec, Canada 5 mins


Maxime Lehmann

Amidst a quest to reach an unlikely destination, a man charts his journey through a strange and wild continent with a bizarre map.

Canada 11 mins

Deuil Mortel

Juan Frank Hernandez, Vincent Labelle

Joël, an amateur screenwriter who has been unable write a single word since his muse left him, struggles to finish his movie. As the fateful date of shooting is fast approaching, he encounters a mysterious...

Quebec, Canada 13 mins

Dinner for Three

Brandon Calder

In a rut and desperate for the passion they once had, Emma does her best to coach Kevin through an incredibly awkward dinner party with three friends they've lost touch with.

Quebec, Canada 15 mins