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David Marmor

Very effectively bringing the terror out of the seemingly mundane, everyday apartment complex, the smart script and solid cast of David Marmor's debut feature will make you think of the evils inside next t...

USA 90 mins

21st Century Girl

U-ki Yamato, Yoko Yamanaka, Yuka Yasukawa, Hana Matsumoto, Momoko Fukuda, Kanae Higashi, Aimi Natsuto, Risa Takeuchi, Rin Shuto, Yukari Sakamoto, Ayaka Kato, Aya Igashi, Yuka Eda

This joyful omnibus film brings together 15 shorts from emerging female filmmakers from Japan, on the theme of love, gender and sexuality. Includes new works by Yoko Yamanaka (AMIKO), Aya Igashi (A CRIMSON...

Japan 120 mins


Brenda López Zepeda

ABEO is a hard hitting mixed media animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search for a better life.

Quebec, Canada 7 mins

Almost a Miracle

Yuya Ishii

High-schooler Hajime “Jesus Christ” Machida is driven to help everyone around him, all the time — to great comedic effect. Maestro Yuya Ishii returns with an unconventional and fantastical coming-of-age, d...

Japan 120 mins

American Fighter

Shaun Piccinino

Before Ali can help his mother, someone‘s gonna get hurt. A pinch of political thriller, a helping of California coming-of-age, and whole lotta bare-fisted battling in the bad part of town add up to a soli...

USA 98 mins

And Your Bird Can Sing

Sho Miyake

Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi and Shota Sometani star in Sho Miyake’s beautiful, understated coming-of-age film: a hangout movie at once breezy and languorous, capturing the strange, uncertain beauty of ...

Japan 106 mins

Another Child

Kim Yoon-seok

Joo-ri’s father has an affair with the mother of her classmate Yoon-ah, straining the teenage girls’s friendship. Actor Kim Yoon-seok’s directorial debut is imbued with a finesse and sensitivity that highl...

South Korea 96 mins

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

Ted Kotcheff

Decades after it changed the face of Canadian cinema, Ted Kotcheff’s adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s biting and satirical novel still packs a punch. More than a historical oddity, it stands tall as one of...

Canada 120 mins


William Saumur

Isaac knows it too well. It is tonight he will discover what takes place in the arcade. The night is young. Arthur is the first to exit the car and to head towards the entrance. The others follow. Isaac kn...

Canada 17 mins

The Art of Self-Defense

Riley Stearns

After being mugged, meek accountant Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a karate school — and his life takes a strange and dark turn. Riley Stearns’ sophomore feature is a twisted tale of the dangers of toxic ma...

USA 104 mins


Shelagh McLeod

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, delivering his best performance in years, the debut feature from actress Shelagh McLeod is a tale of wish fulfillment that comes not from the stars but straight from Earth.<br>

Canada 98 mins

Avec Tchaïkovsky

Marc-André Girard

In a primary school, Martin reherses with the kids their annual show. But the afternoon does not unfold as he would have liked...

Canada 11 mins

Blanche Comme Neige

Patricia Sousa Lopes

Caught in a snowstorm, an exhausted young girl finds refuge in a mysterious woman's home.

Canada 1 mins

Blood On Her Name

Matthew Pope

A woman’s panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spins out of control in this sad, soulful neo-Noir with Southern Gothic roots, starring OZARK’s Bethany Anne Lind.

USA 83 mins

Le Bois, le lac

Ariel Poupart

The summer has just begun. On a campsite near a lake, Jeanne and her partner J-P meet up with Etienne and Coco, another couple. Although each of them seems to enjoy their time, things quickly go sour. Some...

Quebec 13 mins

Brave Father Online - Our Story of Final...

Teruo Noguchi, Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Operation Dad the Warrior of Light is a go! But real life isn’t a game… The latest feature film from the gaming franchise, an inspired combination of virtual combat, animated melodrama and real-world domes...

Japan 114 mins

Brave Little Army

Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt

When rebel girl Em saunters into their grade 7 classroom one fateful day in 1984, K, Lu and Dee’s lives are changed forever. Immediately drawn to Em’s wise and independent ways, the girls become an insepar...

Canada 6 mins


Ken Ninomiya

Beautiful Chiwawa’s incessant desire for attention eventually got the better of her. From Ken Ninomiya (THE LIMIT OF SLEEPING BEAUTY), a feast for the senses that, like its title character, will surely fas...

Japan 104 mins


Didier Pigeon-Perreault

Three years after her dad’s suicide, Julie comes back to the family home to get what’s hers : the money she inherited from her father, consisting of bills and coins all contained in a Coaticook ice cream b...

Quebec 20 mins

La Coupure

Chloé Cinq-Mars

Emma had a c-section. She didn’t see her son when he was born. When she finally meets him, she doesn't recognize her baby. How could she? Little by little, mother and child fall in love. The Cut delicatel...

Quebec 18 mins

The Crow

Alex Proyas

A year after his brutal murder, a mysterious crow brings rocker Eric Draven back to life so he can seek revenge. The original and most memorable version of this supernatural tale, celebrating its 25th anni...

USA 102 mins

Culture Shock

Gigi Saul Guerrero

Luchagore boss Gigi Saul Guerrero’s feature debut infuses the American Dream with a killer dose of Mexican venom, as it follows a young woman’s clandestine journey across the U.S. border, and into a strang...

USA 91 mins


Gabriel Villanueva

A dancing pandemic has swept over a small beach community, plaguing everyone with endless nights of compulsive dancing. When Marcos stumbles upon a cure, he intends on keeping it secret, hoarding the cure ...

USA 15 mins

Daniel Isn't Real

Adam Egypt Mortimer

As Daniel’s stranglehold on Luke’s psyche tightens, Luke starts to question who, or what, Daniel really is… Adam Egypt Mortimer’s decidedly devious doppelganger tale offers potent horror coupled with intox...

USA 96 mins