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American Fighter

Shaun Piccinino

Before Ali can help his mother, someone‘s gonna get hurt. A pinch of political thriller, a helping of California coming-of-age, and whole lotta bare-fisted battling in the bad part of town add up to a soli...

USA 98 mins

Bar Fight

Benjamin R. Moody

When a machete-wielding cult walks into a bar, one bartender is in for the longest night of his life.

USA 5 mins

Une bombe au coeur

Rémi St-Michel

To follow the passion that makes his heart beat or to risk his integrity in order to reach the firmament. This is a man’s ultimate dilemma when he finds himself at the edge of the precipice.

Quebec 21 mins

The Crow

Alex Proyas

A year after his brutal murder, a mysterious crow brings rocker Eric Draven back to life so he can seek revenge. The original and most memorable version of this supernatural tale, celebrating its 25th anni...

USA 102 mins

The Divine Fury

Kim Joo-hwan

What more could one hope for than an action movie featuring mixed martial arts, mashed up with horror in the form of hair-raising exorcisms and demons dead-set on harming the whole of humanity? THE DIVINE ...

South Korea 129 mins

The Dude in Me

Kang Hyo-jin

After an overweight teenager literally falls on him, a gangster realizes to his great dismay that they have swapped bodies. Packed with outlandish twists and turns, this fantasy comedy skilfully juggles ga...

South Korea 122 mins

Evil James Bond vs World War Z

Simon Beaupré

Evil James Bond strikes again! Mashup of disaster movie where James Bond is the actual treath.

Canada 3 mins

Extreme Job

Lee Byeong-heon

A narcotics squad sets up a fried-chicken restaurant for surveillance, but will its unexpected success make them forget the actual goal of their operation? This wildly entertaining action-comedy was the su...

South Korea 111 mins

The Fable

Kan Eguchi

Equal parts slam-bang action thriller, lurid yakuza melodrama, and off-kilter dark comedy, THE FABLE becomes a bedtime story for the hapless henchmen in a skilled assassin’s path when the situation in Osak...

Japan 123 mins

First Blood

Ted Kotcheff

John Rambo may not have drawn first blood in this fight, but he's going to be damn sure he's the last one standing. Sylvester Stallone's 1980s action classic, the first of the legendary Rambo movies, resto...

USA 93 mins

Full Contact

Ringo Lam

Bangkok's ruthless criminal underworld is about to get a lesson in revenge unlike any its ever seen. Chow Yun-fat stars in this master class in action filmmaking from one of the true greats, the late Ringo...

Hong Kong 105 mins

G Affairs

Lee Cheuk Pan

Heads will roll in this twisty thriller and sordid, highly stylized portrait of contemporary Hong Kong, where criminality, real estate crises, corruption and conspiracy intertwine, here presented in so man...

Hong Kong 105 mins

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

Lee Won-tae

A policeman and a gang leader each have their own reasons for teaming up to take down a serial killer. Thos South Korean blockbuster starring Fantasia favourite Don Lee (TRAIN TO BUSAN) is a must for any t...

South Korea 110 mins

Garo - Under the Moonbow

Keita Amemiya

The latest entry in Japanese science-fantasy icon Keita Amemiya’s ongoing chronicle of otherworldly conflict, resplendent with Gothic gravitas and gritty techno-punk, mystical symbolism and elegant antique...

Japan 106 mins

A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Abner Pastoll

Recently widowed young mother Sarah (<b>MAYAN MC</b>’s Sarah Bolger) struggles to cope through uniquely harrowing circumstances. A crime film that grips hard with frighteningly desperate situations and une...

United Kingdom 97 mins


Nobuhiro Yamashita

Ukon and Ushiyama discover a discarded robot, unaware of the extent of its potential, in this bizarre science-fiction comedy drama. If you are looking for unusual cinema that makes you laugh without knowin...

Japan 124 mins


Rob Grant

What starts out as a pleasure cruise becomes a fateful trip when festering suspicions bubble to the surface. A seafaring suspense film with a wide streak of black humour and no reservations about getting g...

Canada, Belize 83 mins

His Bad Blood

Koichiro Oyama

Bad men hiding out, Shinichi and Hiroshi are totally clueless about their shared blood, and the Reverend sheltering them plans to keep it that way. A reflection on redemption, family and morality, extremel...

Japan 108 mins

Hit-and-Run Squad

Jun-hee Han

Catching a billionaire killer will take a lot of gas, grease and grit, but Seoul’s hit-and-run squad is about to put the pedal the metal. A crackerjack mix of cops, crooks and cars that delivers big-time, ...

South Korea 133 mins

L’ Intervention

Fred Grivois

In 1976 Djibouti, a special unit of snipers attempt to save children held hostage on a school bus by terrorists. Inspired by real events, L’INTERVENTION is a riveting thriller, starring Alban Lenoir (ANTIG...

France 98 mins

Jessica Forever

Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel

In a dystopian Neverland, Jessica prepares her tribe of lost boys for love and death. Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, promising paragons of alternative French cinema, unleash their brutal and poised fea...

France 98 mins

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Miguel Llansó

A computer virus is taking over the CIA! Blending an afro-futurist outlook with Cold War retro, proto-cyberpunk, a dash of tokusatsu, and good old-fashioned psychedelics and spiritualism, Miguel Llansó’s f...

Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia, Latvia and Romania 83 mins

Judy and Punch

Mirrah Foulkes

Village puppeteers Judy and Punch are at the eye of this whirlwind of black comedy, slapstick violence and, amid the theatricality of the marionette show, gripping drama. An old morality play with a modern...

Australia 106 mins


Malik Bader

With dirty cops and gangsters on their trail, Moe (Liam Hemsworth) and Skunk (Emory Cohen) will find their friendship tested over the kind of tough day that can only happen in NYC. Further evidence that di...

USA 112 mins