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Almost a Miracle

Yuya Ishii

High-schooler Hajime “Jesus Christ” Machida is driven to help everyone around him, all the time — to great comedic effect. Maestro Yuya Ishii returns with an unconventional and fantastical coming-of-age, d...

Japan 120 mins

And Your Bird Can Sing

Sho Miyake

Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi and Shota Sometani star in Sho Miyake’s beautiful, understated coming-of-age film: a hangout movie at once breezy and languorous, capturing the strange, uncertain beauty of ...

Japan 106 mins


Ok-seop Yi

When a scandalous X-ray of two people having sex surfaces at her hospital, nurse Yoon-young’s world is turned upside down. Sinkholes, talking fish, and a slacker boyfriend are only the beginning in Yi Ok-s...

South Korea 88 mins

My Moon

Lee Eusong

A bittersweet beauty, charting a love triangle between heavenly bodies.

USA, South Korea 9 mins

Ride Your Wave

Masaaki Yuasa

From the lively, liberated imagination of Masaaki Yuasa comes an anime about losing love, leaning on friends and learning how to find oneself. Yuasa plays with the very elements, fire and especially water,...

Japan 95 mins

Sometimes, i think about dying

Stefanie Abel Horowitz

Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.

USA 12 mins


Yutaka Yamamoto

Imbuing the prosaic with something a bit like magic, Yutaka Yamamoto’s crowdfunded indie teen-romance mini-feature is an anime postcard from Fukushima Prefecture, with love, laughs, tears, and the occasion...

Japan 53 mins