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12 Hour Shift

Brea Grant

A gripping black-comedy thriller, following a junkie nurse through grisly criminal happenings as she funds her habit through organ harvesting.

USA 87 mins


Tony Morales

A terrible phone call in the middle of the night shakes Laura's world. Meanwhile, little Ainara plays in her room. The appearance of an anknow being? will test the mental and emotional stability of the two...

Spain 11 mins

Anything For Jackson

Justin Dyck

A clever, often funny and delightfully mean-spirited tale of elderly Satanists in way over their heads in the name of love.

Canada 96 mins

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

Jose Mojica Marins

José Mojica Marins’ debut as the atheist gravedigger with a penchant for savage violence, who wishes to populate the world with others like himself.

Brazil 84 mins


Maximillien Rolland

Loïc is alone in the anechoic room. What had he done to find himself in there? Since when? He only came to the audiology clinic for a little hiss in his ear...

Quebec 18 mins

Bleed With Me

Amelia Moses

Is Rowan experiencing a psychotic break, or is her best friend not to be trusted? The line between reality and fantasy begins to collapse.

Canada, Quebec 79 mins

The Block Island Sound

Kevin McManus, Matthew McManus

Something terrifying is happening off the coast of Block Island. A hair-raising new horror creation, touching on the signature worries of our times.

USA 97 mins


Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn

Ridden with grief after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, GETTY turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for Redemption. The...

Quebec 13 mins


Patrick Gauthier

Ginette is behind the tasting kiosk of a small grocery store. Woe betide the person who refuses her appetizing morsels.

Quebec 6 mins

Central Dental

Lindsay Robinson

Lewis ends up at a sketchy 24 hr dental clinic after having one of his teeth knocked out and his wallet stolen.

Canada 10 mins


Faye Jackson

British filmmaker Faye Jackson’s relentlessly unsettling CHANGELING brings us into a hellish space where a new mother grows increasingly transfixed and revolted by strange manifestations around her baby. A...

United Kingdom 10 mins

Children of Wrath

Joshua Boles

A jealous husband plots his sick revenge.

Canada 15 mins

Climate of the Hunter

Mickey Reece

Two sisters vie for the affections of a man who may or not be a bloodsucking vampire. A subversive, improbably seductive camp classic.

USA 90 mins

The Columnist

Ivo Van Aart

Columnist Femke Boot wants to shut her critics up – permanently. Hell hath no fury like someone insulted on social media.

Netherlands 84 mins

Come True

Anthony Scott Burns

Dreams twist. Nightmares come true. A distinctive and compelling work of dark science fiction/horror that haunts the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Canada 105 mins

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

Thomas Lee

Ritual magic clashes against Protestant superstition in this atmospheric and freakishly nightmarish descent into the mythic.

Canada 93 mins

The Dark & The Wicked

Bryan Bertino

A harrowing supernatural nightmare from the writer/director of THE STRANGERS, starring Marin Ireland and Michael Abbott Jr.

USA 95 mins

The Day of the Beast

Álex De la Iglesia

One of the greatest comedy/horror films of all time, a classic of modern Spanish cinema, presented in a stunning new restoration from Severin Films.

Spain 104 mins

Decapitato: Consequenze Mortali

Sydney Brafman

Game Over.

USA 1 mins



Two friends are cast into a nightmare after crossing paths with a strange man.

Quebec 13 mins


John Hsu

In Taiwan during the time of the White Terror, Fang et Wei must confront the ghosts and deformed monsters that have taken over their school.

Taiwan 103 mins


Ashley George

From Mexico, Ashley George’s potent DIABLA (Canadian Premiere) sees a 17-year-old assault survivor embracing local witch culture to attain revenge through her unrealized female power. It’s a melancholicall...

USA, Mexico 15 mins


Dayan D. Oualid

Dan, a pious man who lives on the fringe of his community, the Jewish community of the nineteenth district of Paris, is summoned by Sarah to check on her husband Eli, obviously not in its normal state. Dan...

France 34 mins

The End Of Man

Jose Mojica Marins

A strange naked man manages to attract a large following as some sort of a messiah. One of Marins’ most avant-garde works.

Brazil 79 mins