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Lloyd Kaufman

A brand new Troma film, with “all the sex, mutations, musical numbers and violence that Shakespeare always wanted, but never had!”

USA 94 mins

12 Hour Shift

Brea Grant

A gripping black-comedy thriller, following a junkie nurse through grisly criminal happenings as she funds her habit through organ harvesting.

USA 87 mins

Baby : The Secret Diary of A Mom To Be

Luk Yee-Sum

When Carmen finds out she’s three months pregnant, she’s hardly filled with a maternal glow. When you’re expecting, expect the unexpected!

Hong Kong 94 mins


Bridget Moloney

Bridget Moloney’s inspired Sundance head-turner BLOCKS (International Premiere) is the subversive comic tale of a mother who inexplicably begins vomiting up toy blocks, realizing them to be ideal tools for...

USA 11 mins

Le Chant de la Corneille

Raphaël Lacaille

Phil is startled awake in the middle of the night. He wakes up his girlfriend, believing she is playing tricks on him in his sleep. An argument ensues. In this tale on immaturity, these so called adults wi...

Quebec 7 mins


Kevin T. Landry

Tribute to the therapeutic virtues of losing your s**t told in six stories.

Quebec 9 mins

Cosmic Candy

Rinio Dragasaki

Exploring the frivolities of youth and the difficulties of mental illness, COSMIC CANDY is a sparkling burst of optimism in the face of profound gloom.

France, Greece 95 mins


Hikaru Tsukuda

On a peaceful riverside, a woman walks with her baby. A street ripper gazes into them. Who will save the family? It's... CRAP-MAN!

Japan 3 mins

Cucul La Praline

Gabriel Auclair-Doucet

Raphaël and Gaétan park their car in an abandoned parking lot. When Raphaël opens the rear trunk of the car, he realizes that Gaétan has not kidnapped the right person ...

Quebec 6 mins

The Day of the Beast

Álex De la Iglesia

One of the greatest comedy/horror films of all time, a classic of modern Spanish cinema, presented in a stunning new restoration from Severin Films.

Spain 104 mins

Dead Birds

Johnny Kenton

A failing teenage badminton player at a Catholic Girls School is visited by a Saint - who agrees to help her if she'll complete three tasks for him. Dead Birds is a twisted Super Natural Black Comedy about...

United Kingdom 33 mins

Dépression Saisonnière

Yohann Thiou

Elisa doesn't want to go out. Vincent doesn't hear it that way.

Quebec 8 mins

Dinner in America

Adam Carter Rehmeier

A riotously hilarious anti-romantic comedy – that just happens to be genuinely romantic – in a universe between WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE and REPO MAN.

USA 106 mins

Don't Text Back

Mariel Sharp, Kaye Adelaide

A woman seeks the help of an energy healer to rid herself of a cursed necklace that strangles her every time she doesn't text back her bad Tinder date.

Canada 15 mins

Downs of the Dead

Even Husby Grødahl

When the zombie apocalypse hits, it sucks being stuck at work. Especially when you work at a home for the intellectually disabled. Nurse Morten has to get away, but can't leave Arvid and the other resident...

Norway 23 mins

Fly Me to the Saitama

Hideki Takeuchi

Hideki Takeuchi (THERMAE ROMAE) returned to zany, anachronistic fantasy with his adaptation of a classic 1982 manga.

Japan 107 mins


Matthew Fournier

Katie is inviting friends to help with renovations in the basement, but her boyfriend Benjamin seems strangely determined to push back the work at all costs.

Canada 10 mins

Fried Barry

Ryan Kruger

Oozing dread and dripping grime, FRIED BARRY is a wild adventure through the fringes of humanity. A bold new entry in South African cinema.

South Africa 99 mins

Fuku-chan of FukuFuku Flats

Yosuke Fujita

A feelgood, laugh-out-loud indie comedy hit, mixing humor with a great deal of heart-tugging pathos.

Japan 110 mins

The Gentle Art Of Violence

Andrew Przybytkowski

In the intimacy of a confessional, a priest is unusually coerced into confessing to a mysterious woman, their true nature will be revealed as the situation spirals out of control.

Quebec 5 mins

HK2: The Abnormal Crisis

Yuichi Fukuda

The funny, inventive and very well executed HK2 delivers once again another wild and noisy night your underwear won’t soon forget.

Japan 119 mins

HK: Forbidden Super Hero

Yuichi Fukuda

Crooks and creeps of all stripes, fear the Masked Pervert! Exactly the type of irreverent, richly humorous production that engulfs Fantasia in bliss.

Japan 105 mins

Je Suis Un Hot Dog

Chris MacDonald

C’est un film sur le cœur. (Don't worry, there are subtitles!)

USA 1 mins

Jeep Boys

Alec Pronovost

Simon manages to take time off from his job to visit his girlfriend in Toronto, but on one condition: to give a lift to JP, a turbo-charged employee at the Thetford Mines branch. Their Jeep trip goes smoot...

Quebec 23 mins