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Best Bitches Forever

Valérie Leclair

After Alex wanted to surprise Catherine for her birthday by taking the staff of a restaurant hostage, the two unrepentant and hot-tempered women argue in an epic argument about how to use their metapsychic...

Quebec 6 mins

The Block Island Sound

Kevin McManus, Matthew McManus

Something terrifying is happening off the coast of Block Island. A hair-raising new horror creation, touching on the signature worries of our times.

USA 97 mins

Dead Birds

Johnny Kenton

A failing teenage badminton player at a Catholic Girls School is visited by a Saint - who agrees to help her if she'll complete three tasks for him. Dead Birds is a twisted Super Natural Black Comedy about...

United Kingdom 33 mins


John Hsu

In Taiwan during the time of the White Terror, Fang et Wei must confront the ghosts and deformed monsters that have taken over their school.

Taiwan 103 mins

Fried Barry

Ryan Kruger

Oozing dread and dripping grime, FRIED BARRY is a wild adventure through the fringes of humanity. A bold new entry in South African cinema.

South Africa 99 mins

Get By With a Little Help

Jefferson Brassfield

Cate, a lonely, witchy librarian who fails to find comfort and connection in her normal life, seeks it out in the supernatural.

USA 22 mins


Zoé Wittock

Socially awkward Jeanne is in love – with an amusement park ride, A beautifully strange romance and a “coming out” story like none cinema has seen.

France 93 mins


Robert Sigl

A gorgeous 4K restoration of Robert Sigl’s 1989 twisted, dreamy feature debut, an entrancing mix of childhood innocence and adult horror.

Germany, Hungary 84 mins

A Mermaid In Paris

Mathias Malzieu

Parisian cabaret singer Gaspard believes that love is an impossibility. Perhaps, but so is finding an unconscious mermaid on the bank of the Seine.

France 102 mins

Milk Teeth

Felipe Vargas

From the USA come four atypical works, each dealing with childhood in vividly surprising ways. Felipe Vargas’s MILK TEETH (Canadian Premiere) is a dark fantasy tale that sees an orphanage spin into chaos u...

USA 14 mins

Monster Seafood Wars

Minoru Kawasaki

The Seafood Monster Attack Team will risk their lives to protect Tokyo from a monstrous (but ultimately mouthwatering) marine menace!

Japan 84 mins


Justin Daering

When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss's parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite -- a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage -- and the...

USA 29 mins


Hugo Chetelat

Leo visits his grandfather who no longer speaks and finds a way to connect with him ...

Quebec 8 mins

Sang Jaune

Julie Roy

Jenny leads a boring life. She’s a workaholic who collects old sports cars. Then one morning she wakes up in a yellow field, not knowing how she got there. As she flees, her belly begins to grow abnormall...

Quebec 6 mins


Jeremy Rubier

Nagisa takes a supernatural journey, to see her late sister Sayo once again. A road movie in another dimension, where poetry mixes with fantasy.

Canada, Quebec, Japan 61 mins


Chino Moya

The film's narrators maneuver through a deserted, crumbling, grayish-blue city, gathering bodies as they go and sharing nightmarish stories of a long-ago abandoned past.

Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom 92 mins