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Best Bitches Forever

Valérie Leclair

After Alex wanted to surprise Catherine for her birthday by taking the staff of a restaurant hostage, the two unrepentant and hot-tempered women argue in an epic argument about how to use their metapsychic...

Quebec 6 mins


Antony Webb

Australian writer/director Antony Webb’s striking CARMENTIS (Canadian Premiere) is an affecting mix between futuristic survival thriller and melancholic tone poem. An intergalactic miner overwhelmed by gri...

Australia 15 mins

Come F*ck My Robot

Mercedes Bryce Morgan

The U.S.A. brings us four. Based on an actual Craigslist’s post, Mercedes Bryce Morgan’s COME F*CK MY ROBOT (International Premiere) depicts a shy teen virgin answering an inventor’s call for volunteers to...

USA 12 mins

Come True

Anthony Scott Burns

Dreams twist. Nightmares come true. A distinctive and compelling work of dark science fiction/horror that haunts the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Canada 105 mins


Sofian Khan

Sofian Khan’s provocative DOPPELBÄNGER (International Premiere) is a smart tale of sex work and the singularity, set in a future world where people have robotic doubles of themselves.

USA 15 mins

Fall Out

Chung Jae-hoon

From South Korea, Jae-hoon Chung’s FALL-OUT (International Premiere) is white-knuckle storytelling at its most urgent. In a devastated near-future Korea, a family venture through their apartment building h...

South Korea 21 mins


Noah Hutton

Noah Hutton’s speculative LAPSIS is an alt-present sci-fi thriller most relevant to the horror of our current, late-capitalist moment.

USA 108 mins

Ligeia Mare

Adam Zimny

Germany graces us with Adam Zimny’s compelling LIGEIA MARE (World Premiere), a visually sumptuous futuristic drama set on one of the deadliest places in the solar system, where artificial intelligence is u...

Germany 29 mins

Minor Premise

Eric Schultz

Unlock the puzzle that is MINOR PREMISE and confront a plethora of fascinating questions of self and psyche.

USA 94 mins

The Nurturing

Esteban Pedraza

When Rebecca begins believing that she can change the world with her video game controller, Octavio, her concerned boyfriend, attempts to erase her belief but risks losing her.

USA 17 mins


Justin Daering

When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss's parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite -- a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage -- and the...

USA 29 mins

Les Ratées

Myriam Guimond

Three atypical teenage girls who are avid readers of horror and science fiction novels, self-proclaimed "Les Ratées" in tribute to the club of failures in Stephen King's IT. They discover the meanders of t...

Quebec 11 mins

Red Sky

Ethan Corston

In an alternate earth, the apocalypse has wrecked havoc on Tyler’s whole reality.

Quebec 5 mins

Sang Jaune

Julie Roy

Jenny leads a boring life. She’s a workaholic who collects old sports cars. Then one morning she wakes up in a yellow field, not knowing how she got there. As she flees, her belly begins to grow abnormall...

Quebec 6 mins

Session N° 78

Bridget O'Driscoll

Pavel learns English on audiocassettes every day when he gets up. Today it is his 78th session. But has he really made progress? ...

United Kingdom, France 5 mins


Colin Levy

In SKYWATCH (Canadian Premiere), two young teens devise a way to hack into the system of an Amazon-like shopping empire, tricking its drone delivery system into swapping people’s orders for fun. The system...

USA 11 mins


Faye Jackson

Esther and Miriam are being forcibly deported from the UK to Jamaica when there’s an outbreak of a deadly virus that makes you feel calm and only kills white people.

United Kingdom 15 mins

Swipe Up, Vivian!

Hannah Welever

The USA is represented by an eclectic trio of works this year: A virtual dating app opens unique windows of possibility for two agoraphobic women in SWIPE UP, VIVIAN! (World Premiere). A lighthearted yet p...

USA 14 mins


Marco Baldonado

Canadian filmmaker Marco Baldonado’s TOTO is the charmingly bittersweet story of a 90-year-old grandmother being given a robot companion. Both a celebration of traditions passed down through generations an...

Canada 13 mins


Chino Moya

The film's narrators maneuver through a deserted, crumbling, grayish-blue city, gathering bodies as they go and sharing nightmarish stories of a long-ago abandoned past.

Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom 92 mins

Your Last Day On Earth

Marc Martínez Jordán

In Spanish filmmaker Marc Martínez Jordán’s darkly comic and unconventionally poignant YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH (Canadian Premiere), a man in a fox costume works with time “hacktivists” for a last glimpse of...

Spain 13 mins