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Chasing Dream

Johnnie To

Johnnie To’s latest! A heartfelt and unexpected blend of romance, musical and MMA sports drama!

Hong Kong 118 mins

Crazy Samurai Musashi

Yuji Shimomura

Japan’s most legendary swordsman defeats hundreds of opponents in a single, 77-minute shot. An almost transcendental marathon of mayhem.

Japan 92 mins

For the Sake of Vicious

Gabriel Carrer, Reese Eveneshen

It’s Halloween and there’s a crazed intruder with a hostage in Romina’s house, as an onslaught of masked killers are at her door. Trick or treat!

Canada 81 mins

A Hero Never Dies

Johnnie To

Two rival assassins are betrayed by their bosses and left for dead in Johnnie To’s 1998 classic, a stylish rejuvenation of the tired triad genre.

Hong Kong 97 mins

HK2: The Abnormal Crisis

Yuichi Fukuda

The funny, inventive and very well executed HK2 delivers once again another wild and noisy night your underwear won’t soon forget.

Japan 119 mins

HK: Forbidden Super Hero

Yuichi Fukuda

Crooks and creeps of all stripes, fear the Masked Pervert! Exactly the type of irreverent, richly humorous production that engulfs Fantasia in bliss.

Japan 105 mins


Tran Thanh Huy

Tran Thanh Huy’s ROM is an electrifying debut, following the life of a young bookie in the labyrinthine streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam 79 mins

SPL: Kill Zone

Wilson Yip

Before IP MAN, the legendary Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung collide for martial arts mayhem in this brutal kung-fu crime classic!

Hong Kong 93 mins

Ta Petite Tête

Isabelle Giroux

Amanda is a deeply charismatic woman, who goes with ease from one relationship to another, always in the same conceived pattern.

Quebec, France 3 mins

A Witness Out of the Blue

Fung Chih-Chiang

A notorious criminal, a detective, and a talking parrot clash after a botched robbery in riveting crime thriller from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong 105 mins