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Gints Zilbalodis

Whatever lies ahead, the boy must move forward – hope insists upon it, and the mysterious monster pursuing him compels it. A spare and archetypal tale-for-all-ages in CG animation, imbued with frequent mom...

Latvia 75 mins

Cencoroll Connect

Atsuya Uki

Ten years after the anime maxi-short CENCOROLL world-premiered at Fantasia 2009, the surrealist sci-fi teen drama is back. Casually uncanny and uncommonly cool, CENCOROLL CONNECT is a true event for fans o...

Japan 75 mins

Human Lost

Fuminori Kizaki

Major breakthroughs in medical science have dramatically altered Japanese society in 2036, but this bright future casts some very dark shadows. A gripping cyberpunk anime thriller, packed with political in...

Japan 109 mins

The Moon in the Hidden Woods

Takahiro Umehara

Princess Navillera and the musician Janggu confront marvels and monsters as fate shakes the world… and the heavens above! An exquisite blend of steampunk, Korean folk styles and otherworldy fantasy, pepper...

South Korea 97 mins


Hiroyuki Imaishi

Extreme heat never looked so cool! A raging riot of bright colours, daring design, crazy characters and whiplash action, PROMARE isn’t just the most thrilling anime feature of the year, it’s a genuine Pop ...

Japan 111 mins

The Relative Worlds

Yuhei Sakuragi

Time and space are torn in two. Those who rule the other Japan have found a way to ours, and they do not come in peace. Teenage romance, ontological science fiction, and fierce mecha clashes collide in thi...

Japan 93 mins

Ride Your Wave

Masaaki Yuasa

From the lively, liberated imagination of Masaaki Yuasa comes an anime about losing love, leaning on friends and learning how to find oneself. Yuasa plays with the very elements, fire and especially water,...

Japan 95 mins


Shengwei Zhou

A lethal flash of desperation liberates a shoe-creature, but her freedom is illusory. The startling stop-motion fairy-tale SHE is a scissor-sharp indictment of the patriarchal-industrial complex, construct...

China 95 mins

Son of the White Mare

Marcell Jankovics

A liberated pastiche of epic poem and ancient tales, informed by folk-art motifs, pop psychedelia and an abundance of profound symbolism. Restored right off the camera negatives, this Hungarian animated cl...

Hungary 81 mins

White Snake

Amp Wong

The thousand-year-old folktale of the shape-shifting serpent sisters hatches anew in a gorgeous fantasy adventure that takes Chinese popular animation to unprecedented heights. Dazzling, thrilling, funny, ...

China 99 mins

The Wonderland

Keiichi Hara

Teenager Akane and her daffy aunt Chii are stepping down into the basement — and out of this world! A fantastical anime adventure bursting with imagination, from Keiichi Hara, the director of COLORFUL and ...

Japan 115 mins