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The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

Ted Kotcheff

Decades after it changed the face of Canadian cinema, Ted Kotcheff’s adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s biting and satirical novel still packs a punch. More than a historical oddity, it stands tall as one of...

Canada 120 mins

The Boxer's Omen

Kuei Chih-Hung

Bewitched by an evil wizard, bigshot gangster Hung must save himself from a doomed fate! Mystical kung fu meets black magic in Shaw Brothers’ most infamous horror opus, the one that has to be seen to be be...

Hong Kong 107 mins

Cheech et Chong - La suite

Tommy Chong

A crazy ride through Los Angeles with the iconic duo of cinematic stoners. This cheerfully woozy film is particularly well served by dialogue dubbed in rich, ripe joual.

USA 99 mins

The Crow

Alex Proyas

A year after his brutal murder, a mysterious crow brings rocker Eric Draven back to life so he can seek revenge. The original and most memorable version of this supernatural tale, celebrating its 25th anni...

USA 102 mins



What if the harmless muzak of your local burger joint was a tool for corporate control? Don’t miss Vinegar Syndrome’s gorgeous 2K restoration of the West German post-punk/proto-cyberpunk film, co-starring ...

Germany 86 mins

First Blood

Ted Kotcheff

John Rambo may not have drawn first blood in this fight, but he's going to be damn sure he's the last one standing. Sylvester Stallone's 1980s action classic, the first of the legendary Rambo movies, resto...

USA 93 mins

Full Contact

Ringo Lam

Bangkok's ruthless criminal underworld is about to get a lesson in revenge unlike any its ever seen. Chow Yun-fat stars in this master class in action filmmaking from one of the true greats, the late Ringo...

Hong Kong 105 mins

The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

Makoto Tezuka

From their extravagant outfits to their futuristic music, The Stardust Brothers are primed to power their way to the top of the Japanese pop charts! Anything and everything goes as Makoto Tezuka channels t...

Japan 100 mins

The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

Jorge Grau

Influenced by the counterculture and informed by an anger that speaks to catastrophic environmental neglect, one of the great leftfield Euro-horror works of the ’70s — a still-startling nightmare creation ...

Spain, Italy 93 mins

Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby

Sam O’Steen

The “lost” sequel to ROSEMARY’S BABY — broadcast in 1976 as a TV movie, with festival guest Stephen McHattie in the lead role as Satan’s son — is about to throw up all over you!<br>

USA 110 mins

Phantom of the Paradise

Brian De Palma

Riffing on both PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and FAUST, showcasing eye-popping setpieces and ear-seducing tunes, Brian De Palma’s one-of-a-kind film, 45 years later, has lost none of its power to rock you.<br>

USA 92 mins

Polyester (doublage québécois)

John Waters

Doublé en joual comme LANCER FRAPPÉ (SLAP SHOT), POLYESTER a la particularité d’être un film indépendant, provocateur à souhait, qui propose finalement une décapante critique sociale.

USA 86 mins

Satan’s Slave

Sisworo Gautama Putra

When their mother passes, a wealthy Indonesian family starts experiencing strange phenomena. Don’t miss Severin Film’s 2K restoration of this original, highly influential Indonesian occult horror film, ins...

Indonesia 96 mins