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David Marmor

Very effectively bringing the terror out of the seemingly mundane, everyday apartment complex, the smart script and solid cast of David Marmor's debut feature will make you think of the evils inside next t...

USA 90 mins

21st Century Girl

U-ki Yamato, Yoko Yamanaka, Yuka Yasukawa, Hana Matsumoto, Momoko Fukuda, Kanae Higashi, Aimi Natsuto, Risa Takeuchi, Rin Shuto, Yukari Sakamoto, Ayaka Kato, Aya Igashi, Yuka Eda

This joyful omnibus film brings together 15 shorts from emerging female filmmakers from Japan, on the theme of love, gender and sexuality. Includes new works by Yoko Yamanaka (AMIKO), Aya Igashi (A CRIMSON...

Japan 120 mins

Alien Crystal Palace

Arielle Dombasle

A crazy scientist is on a quest to create a new, immaculate, androgynous being. Parisian nightlife icon Arielle Dombasle has made her own big-screen erotic fantasy, a kitsch and camp kaleidoscope, generous...

France 98 mins


Renaud Gauthier

The Wet Valley water park has become the backdrop for a bloodbath (literally), and everyone is a suspect... Extreme gore and ’80s rock clash in the bloody-as-hell horror movie from the director of DISCOPAT...

Quebec, Canada 71 mins

The Art of Self-Defense

Riley Stearns

After being mugged, meek accountant Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a karate school — and his life takes a strange and dark turn. Riley Stearns’ sophomore feature is a twisted tale of the dangers of toxic ma...

USA 104 mins


Shelagh McLeod

Starring Richard Dreyfuss, delivering his best performance in years, the debut feature from actress Shelagh McLeod is a tale of wish fulfillment that comes not from the stars but straight from Earth.<br>

Canada 98 mins

Best of Utopiales

Frederick Temps

From Les Utopiales in Nantes, France (among Europe’s biggest science fiction events), the festival’s favourite short films of recent vintage — a panoply of head-scratchers, heartbreakers, and mindblowers.<...

International 98 mins


Joe Begos

After a wild night out, sobriety-challenged young artist Dezzy realizes the fix she needs is not chemical but biological, and she dives headfirst to a neon-lit world of loud music, dark shadows and blood!<...

USA 80 mins

Brave Father Online - Our Story of Final...

Teruo Noguchi, Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Operation Dad the Warrior of Light is a go! But real life isn’t a game… The latest feature film from the gaming franchise, an inspired combination of virtual combat, animated melodrama and real-world domes...

Japan 114 mins

Bruce McDonald's Dreamland

Bruce McDonald

A grotesque gang boss (the inimitable Henry Rollins) hires a stonecold killer (the equally inimitable Stephen McHattie) to bring him the finger of a fading, drug-addicted jazz legend (also played by McHatt...

Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg 92 mins


Ken Ninomiya

Beautiful Chiwawa’s incessant desire for attention eventually got the better of her. From Ken Ninomiya (THE LIMIT OF SLEEPING BEAUTY), a feast for the senses that, like its title character, will surely fas...

Japan 104 mins

Come to Daddy

Ant Timpson

Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie and Martin Donovan star in this inventively genre-bending thrill ride that begins as a quirky comedy about estranged family attempting a reconnection, and soon shifts lanes on...

Canada, Ireland, New Zealand 94 mins

Critters Attack!

Bobby Miller

After meteors are witnessed plummeting to Earth, townsfolk are attacked by hungry alien furballs with sharp teeth and big appetites. The rolling, ravenous Krites are back in this revival of the ’80s mini-m...

USA 89 mins

Culture Shock

Gigi Saul Guerrero

Luchagore boss Gigi Saul Guerrero’s feature debut infuses the American Dream with a killer dose of Mexican venom, as it follows a young woman’s clandestine journey across the U.S. border, and into a strang...

USA 91 mins


Abdelhamid Bouchnak

A group of journalism students discover a hidden tribal society that has cultivated a way of life brimming with ancient practices and beliefs, rituals and blood. Tunisia’s first genre film is a nerve-shred...

Tunisia 113 mins

Dance With Me

Shinobu Yaguchi

Ambitious financier Shizuka, who despises stage musicals, has accidentally been hypnotized. Now, a ringing phone or radio jingle will set her off… A sassy send-up of musical comedies with genuinely catchy,...

Japan 103 mins

Daniel Isn't Real

Adam Egypt Mortimer

As Daniel’s stranglehold on Luke’s psyche tightens, Luke starts to question who, or what, Daniel really is… Adam Egypt Mortimer’s decidedly devious doppelganger tale offers potent horror coupled with intox...

USA 96 mins

Dare To Stop Us

Kazuya Shiraishi

The surprising and utterly unexpected biopic of a legend of Japanese counterculture cinema of the ’60s and ’70s: Koji Wakamatsu! A film that takes the pulse of a transgressive cinematographic heritage in w...

Japan 118 mins


Pollyanna McIntosh

A wild child slowly adjusts to “civilized” society — where the human monsters lurk under cover of church vestments. After OFFSPRING and THE WOMAN, actor Pollyanna McIntosh herself takes the writing/directi...

USA 101 mins

Day and Night

Michihito Fujii

When Koji, son of a whistleblower driven to suicide, steps outside the law is his quest for justice, the thin line that separates good from evil begins to fray. A suspenseful drama that offers a necessary ...

Japan 134 mins


Larry Fessenden

A man wakes up in an unfamiliar environment, uncertain of who and where he is, his body covered with scars… New York City horror auteur Larry Fessenden tackles Mary Shelley’s timeless tale of man-made mons...

USA 114 mins

The Divine Fury

Kim Joo-hwan

What more could one hope for than an action movie featuring mixed martial arts, mashed up with horror in the form of hair-raising exorcisms and demons dead-set on harming the whole of humanity? THE DIVINE ...

South Korea 129 mins

DJ XL5's Nine Lives Zappin' Party


110 mins

Door Lock

Lee Kwon

Actress Gong Hyo-Jin (CRUSH AND BLUSH) returns to the Fantasia screen in this nail-biting thriller deeply rooted in the female experience, deftly portraying a woman accustomed to hostility and dismissal wh...

South Korea 102 mins