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Clapboard Jungle

Justin McConnell

Justin McConnell (LIFECHANGER) takes us on a guided tour of the perilous waters that independent filmmakers navigate.

Canada 98 mins

Class Action Park

Seth Porges, Chris Charles Scott

Picture this: After a long wait standing in line, you finally sit on the edge of a tube that will shoot you out into water for a blast of fun and merriment.

USA 106 mins

Feels Good Man

Arthur Jones

A playful and thoroughly entertaining documentary about Matt Furie’s iconic Pepe the Frog character – used and abused, claimed and reclaimed.

USA 94 mins

Hail to the Deadites

Steve Villeneuve

This year's must-see documentary for true horror fans: a series of interviews with EVIL DEAD enthusiasts, as well as the films’ craftsmen.

Quebec 78 mins

Ivan, The TerrirBle

Mario Abbade

Both a crash course on Brazil's best-kept genre secret, radical horror director Ivan Cardoso, and a fun homage for his biggest fans.

Brazil 103 mins


Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess

An inspiring, sex-positive documentary following the ups and downs and upside-downs of down-under homemaker turned porn filmmaker Morgana Muses.

Australia 71 mins

The Prophet and the Space Aliens

Yoav Shamir

Things get real when Raël is around... A documentary about cults & prophets, aliens & clones, petanque in Japan and more!

Israel, Austria 86 mins

Texas Trip - A Carnival Of Ghosts

Steve Balestreri, Maxime Lachaud

A psychedelic journey through abandoned drive-ins, places of cultural madness, portraits of underground artists, noise music and primal masks.

France 80 mins

Tiny Tim - King for a Day

Johan Von Sydow

A singular documentary on outsider art, 20th-century fame, and being true to your heart, and like its subject, it's unlike anything else out there.

Sweden 75 mins

You Cannot Kill David Arquette

David Darg, Price James

One of the most emotional, heartfelt and all-out craziest films of Fantasia 2020 is a wrestling documentary starring a Hollywood actor!

USA 91 mins