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At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

Jose Mojica Marins

José Mojica Marins’ debut as the atheist gravedigger with a penchant for savage violence, who wishes to populate the world with others like himself.

Brazil 84 mins

The Day of the Beast

Álex De la Iglesia

One of the greatest comedy/horror films of all time, a classic of modern Spanish cinema, presented in a stunning new restoration from Severin Films.

Spain 104 mins

The End Of Man

Jose Mojica Marins

A strange naked man manages to attract a large following as some sort of a messiah. One of Marins’ most avant-garde works.

Brazil 79 mins


Robert Sigl

A gorgeous 4K restoration of Robert Sigl’s 1989 twisted, dreamy feature debut, an entrancing mix of childhood innocence and adult horror.

Germany, Hungary 84 mins

No Way Home

Buddy Giovinazzo

New restoration of Buddy Giovinazzo’s hard-hitting and rarely seen powerhouse starring Tim Roth, James Russo and Deborah Kara Unger.

USA 101 mins

Sting of Death

William Grefé

In Florida, young people are attacked by what may be the only Medusa Man in the history of cinema. Finally presented in a restored version!

USA 80 mins

The Strange World Of Coffin Joe

Jose Mojica Marins

Exploring the animalistic side of humanity, José Mojica Marins’ THE STRANGE WORLD OF COFFIN JOE lingers in the mind long after viewing.

Brazil 80 mins