With panelists Mattie Do, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Elza Kephart, Natasha Kermani, Jennifer Lynch, Amelia Moses and Jennifer Reeder

Moderated by producer Patricia Gomez Zlatar

With its rich visual language and creative use of metaphors, genre cinema has always been an excellent medium to address complex stories and dive into difficult topics. As more and more diverse voices step behind the camera, genre cinema continues to grow, evolve, and reinvent itself to better serve these stories, and the recent successes of socio-political horror films confirm that audiences are starving for this kind of content. Film Fatales, in collaboration with the Fantasia Film Festival, invites a distinguished group of women directors with films in this year’s edition of Fantasia, as well as filmmakers whose work has profoundly impacted Fantasia audiences in the past to discuss their bodies of work and the power of genre cinema as a tool for social and political commentary.

About Film Fatales

Film Fatales is a non-profit arts organization which advocates for parity in the film industry and supports an inclusive community of over a thousand women and non-binary feature film and television directors worldwide. Film Fatales raises the visibility of marginalized directors and increases the talent pool for industry organizations, programmers and production companies looking to work with more underrepresented voices. By expanding the landscape of storytelling, Film Fatales continues to bring exciting new films to the screen.

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