It seems appropriate that Fantasia’s first recipient of our virtual Cheval Noir award would be legendary master of horror John Carpenter. Veteran Fantasia attendees lovingly recall that the Kentucky-raised multihyphenate writer/director/musician was one of the first major international guests to attend Fantasia, way back for the festival’s third edition in 1998 when Carpenter launched the international premiere of VAMPIRES with us. Now our 2020 online Carpenter master class will take you back to that magical Fantasia moment, as well as other stops on his unrivalled genre express, from HALLOWEEN to THE FOG to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK to THE THING to STARMAN to THEY LIVE and all the rest. We will also explore his recent resurgence as a touring musician and play for you his latest spine-tingling single. Can you think of any better way to spend Fantasia’s opening weekend than with the great John Carpenter himself?

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