TORN FROM THE PAGE, BLED INTO LIGHT: Mike Flanagan on Literary Adaptations and Personal Horror Creation

A Live Post Mortem Event

Writer/Director Mike Flanagan ranks among today’s most exciting genre talents, creating character-driven horror works built on genuine grief and anxiety that are also richly cinematic and deeply rewarding experiences. DOCTOR SLEEP. GERALD’S GAME. THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. BEFORE I WAKE. OCULUS. HUSH. ABSENTIA. These remarkable works all in less than a decade.

He’s also one of the rare filmmakers able to effectively tackle complex literary works and adapt them to the screen in ways that not only do justice to the original material, but also bring heartfelt new dimensions into play. How many filmmakers can say that they’ve successfully adapted works from both Stephen King and Shirley Jackson? The answer, of course, is one.

Join us for this special artist talk that will see Mike Flanagan in conversation with filmmaker and Post Mortem founder Mick Garris, himself no stranger to adapting Maine’s favourite son, having made THE STAND, BAG OF BONES, RIDING THE BULLET, DESPERATION, SLEEPWALKERS and the 1997 TV mini-series version of THE SHINING. Both filmmakers have been at Fantasia multiple times, but we’ve never had the ability to do something with them together. Until now.

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