Now that the 15th Anniversary edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival has finally wound down, the prints have all been sent back to their homes at the 4 corners of the globe, the tireless volunteers finally get to sleep a few hours a night and the creative team is already plunging into programming for 2012, I just wanted to give you a heads up that Spectacular Optical, Fantasia’s web magazine (, will resume monthly publication on September 1st, and will publish on the first of every month going forward.

For updates on Fantasia-related happenings throughout the year, please refer to Spectacular Optical, as well as our Facebook Page (for news) and Facebook Group (to get invitations to events delivered to your inbox). You can also sign up for the newsletter, which will send you a monthly reminder when each new issue of Spectacular Optical goes live.

The Spectacular Optical archives are available on the ‘Back Issues’ page of the website (which includes a mammoth July issue, since it was the daily ‘festival edition’), so be sure to check that out if the fest kept you too busy to read all the daily essays and interviews that were posted during that time!

And stay tuned for the September issue, which features an exclusive interview with Guy Maddin about his ongoing ‘hauntings’ project, an interview with Josh MacDonald about his Canadian horror sleeper hit The Corridor, an article on Italian Fumetti comics (and the films they spawned), DVD, book and soundtrack reviews, local genre event listings and much more!

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