Short Film Programs

Born of Woman 2023

Fantasia’s top-tier showcase of intimate auteur genre visions returns with eight works from six countries that will leave you shaken and amazed.

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Cabaret of Curiosities 2023

A new cabaret formula combining screenings of local and international short films, comedy acts and live performances.

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Celluloid Experiments 2023

You have a rendezvous with shapes, colours, and poetry on a celluloid journey that takes you all the way from sweet daydreams to feverish nightmares.

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Circo Animato 2023

Fantasia’s annual showcase of amazing animated short films from around the world returns with 10 dazzling offerings, marvellously multifarious in tone, technique, and perspective.

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Collective Delusions

A showcase of underground DIY, outsider, and bizarre cinema from around the world.

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Are You Afraid of Fantasia?

Like the popular Canadian horror television series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? (1992 to 1996), this programme is an international anthology of horrific short films with comedic bite.

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Fantasia Freestyle

Fantasia offers a kaleidoscope of short films from around the world and here at home that reflect many of the themes and genres the festival is so beloved for — and it won’t cost you a penny to check it out!

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Feast of Amrita

A mind-scarring melange of modern urban gothic, skin-crawling bio-horror, and impossible cosmic abomination, the Japanese anime FEAST OF AMRITA crowns a trilogy of animated horror from Asia.

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Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois 2023

Les Fantastiques week-ends are back with a bang this year, and it's with a festive programme that we celebrate this 100% in-person return. You'll see everything that makes the festival unique: fantasy, horror, and wacky comedy!

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International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase 2023

Fantasia’s showcase of provocative and character-driven international science-fiction works.

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My First Fantasia

Children, parents and the young at heart are invited to dive into this free series of short film programs.

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Perilous Ports: Tours of Northern Terrors

The inaugural edition of Fantasia’s celebration of Canadian short-form genre cinema is here to bring you the most exciting short films that this nation has to offer!

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Pinoy Party: Filipino's short films

Teenage malaise, talking fish, raining frogs and bold eagles: these five essential, up-and-coming directors from the Philippines are here, bold and r-r-ready to party!

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Kaléidoscope en dents de scie

Filmmaker Robin Aubert (LES AFFAMÉS) presents two of his hidden gems: the short film SUZIE (1999) and the medium-length film CADILLAC CLOWN (2002). Sélection

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Small Gauge Trauma 2023

Fantasia’s international showcase of bold and uncompromising genre works returns with ten films from five countries that positively astonish.

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Things That Go Bump in the East 2023

Fantasia’s showcase of bite-sized Asian tales of the macabre again offers a celebration of the otherworldly from the other side of the world, split between animation and live-action.

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