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À feu et à sang

Arnaud Lescure, Cedrick Beaumont-Noel, Viktor Amarok Langevin

Fire and Blood is an animated short taking place in an alternative version of the French Revolution where the prince Louis XVII take revenge on the revolutionaries by releasing the monstrous beast of Gévau...

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins

À pas furtifs

Raphaël J. Dostie

Julien visits his older sister, Sarah, who leads a cloistered life in a residential tower and no longer wants to see anyone. He discovers with terror that she has taken refuge in a hermetic world, surround...

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 11 mins

L' Albero

Thomas Dufour

Robert Romero, un hardened Quebec criminal, sees his empire crumble before his eyes.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

Ami d'ami

Simon Gualtieri

Jules is bi. Bi as in bisexual. Bi, even though he’s only slept with women. Bi and ready to try his first experience with Samuel, a friend of friend.

Jul 23 18:30
Quebec 15 mins


Ryan Bechara

A young Prince offers a fruit to the altar of a withered temple when he is faced with the divinity he worships.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 5 mins

Banana Anna

Jonathan Venne

Banana Anna, back from work, exhausted, after a day of work, is attacked by an intruder in her home. She fights him and throws him a volley. Turning around, she realizes that he was not alone and that full...

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 1 mins

Beat It

Thomas Lorber

A young man relies on his passion for music and dance to escape his daily problems and to ensure his general wellbeing.

Jul 23 20:30
Canada, Quebec 18 mins

Beurre de Pinottes

Maxime Divier

Dan is fed up. Fed up with his misfortunes, fed up with his bad luck and fed up with his life. He decided to end it by eating his last ban: peanuts.

Aug 5 20:30
Canada, Quebec 10 mins

A Body Transgressive

Charlie Galea McClure

A love letter to Frankenstein's Monster, the Queer Body, Theatre, and Horror Cinema, A Body Transgressive is an exploration of subversive existence.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 4 mins

Un Bon vieux char

Antoine Frenette

A man and a woman take the wheel of a good old car, but their destination is quite different.

Aug 4 21:00
Quebec 4 mins

Bonne fête, le désordre!

Jean-Martin Gagnon, Guillaume Harvey

Tempers flare inside St-Ludger-de-Milot’s far-left militia. Pow-Pow-Pow, Quebec.

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 15 mins

Burt Bumblebee, le dernier loyaliste

Jeremy Hughes, Rosalie Fortier

Somewhere on the Gaspésie coast, in a small deserted village, dwells the last loyalist. An old man, his dog, his pipe and a couple of dreams looking to resurface.

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 13 mins

C'est pas du sushi!

Elora Gauthier

An athletic fish escapes from a sushi restaurant, angering the grumpy and violent chef.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 1 mins


In a dark forest at night, Gab rides his bicycle and makes a strange encounter.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada, Quebec 1 mins
Sold out

La Chasse

Louka Hogue

One autumn day, Germain and his son Mathieu visit their old family home where, twenty years before, a tragedy turned their lives upside down. What happened? Why are they returning to a place that has been ...

Aug 4 18:30
Canada 9 mins

Le Chasseur

Donavan Richard

When the rabbit has its own story, the story will no longer be written by the hunter.

Aug 5 18:30
Quebec 8 mins

Le Chasseur

Carlos Alan Ruiz Felix

A thief robs the home of a suspicious owner.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

The Clock Is Ticking

Thibault Picquoin

Angst grows stronger as Emily questions her purpose in a waiting room, surrounded by strangers with a similar destiny.

Jul 23 20:30
Aug 8 21:00
Canada 4 mins

Crème molle

Antony Boudreau Savoie, Charlotte St-Louis

Ophelia, a jaded teenager, kills time riding her bike and working in the dairy bar of a small, uneventful suburb. When a mysterious woman on a motorcycle arrives in town, her ordinary summer is turned upsi...

Jul 29 20:30
Canada 11 mins

Les Crochets

Charles Parisé

For the first time, Alex finds himself in bed with a lady companion. As he is about to live this milestone, he faces the biggest challenge of his life...

Jul 30 20:30
Quebec 9 mins

Crystal Crusaders

Michael Campisi

When a mysterious force releases the power of the fabled Dark Crystal, unleashing evil across the realm, it is up to an unlikely band of good-natured heroes to seek out the reclusive keeper of the Light Cr...

Aug 5 18:30
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

Cursed Chain

Mohamed El-Husseini

An unexpected phone call leads a group of friends into one hell of a night.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins

D'où viennent les lapins

Colin Ludvic Racicot

In a cold dystopian world, a widowed father defies the authorities trying to instill a sense of wonder into his daughter’s life.

Jul 28 20:45
Quebec 16 mins


Theodore Drusba

Mist. Dust. A bowling alley in the crosshair of a thunderstorm. A pregnant woman, a businessman and a widower find shelter in its midst.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 22 mins