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Anne-Marie Bouchard

A brief experience of laser engraving and cutting on 16mm film, about the first snows of autumn, mushrooms and ferns, with lively music.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins
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6mm Wave

Jeong Seungho

Memories of an absent loved one assume a form of their own as they emerge from a forgotten old video camera in this gorgeous, wistful work of austere graphic minimalism.

Aug 5 19:15
Aug 8 14:30
South Korea 6 mins
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À fleur de temps

Zahya Tétreault Bélanger

A dance of passing time, through the invisible movement of flowers, clouds and crowds.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins


Chen Yun Jou

Jul 29 13:30
USA, Taiwan 1 mins


Em Leblanc

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Réalisation collective Réalisation collective

Animation attempt. On the menu: a duel, bureaucracy, and a champion!

Jul 23 15:30
Canada 1 mins

Architect A

Lee Jonghoon

A resonant, magical, flawlessly crafted tale about confronting grief, finding peace, and the joy of giving, from the eminent South Korean studio VCRWORKS.

Jul 30 16:20
South Korea 25 mins


Ryan Bechara

A young Prince offers a fruit to the altar of a withered temple when he is faced with the divinity he worships.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 5 mins

Autosaurus Rex

Marcel Barelli

Jul 22 13:30
Switzerland 6 mins

Baby Force

Yuki Kubo

Mobilize undercover ultra-kawaii action playmates Piyomaru, Sweet, and Rainbow Yah! Activate battle mecha romper suits! Assume fun-time fight formation! Super techno toddler trio Baby Force is go!

Jul 21 18:30
Japan 2 mins

Banana Anna

Jonathan Venne

Banana Anna, back from work, exhausted, after a day of work, is attacked by an intruder in her home. She fights him and throws him a volley. Turning around, she realizes that he was not alone and that full...

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 1 mins
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Benadryl / Inflectra'

Marie-Christine Le Vey

Benadryl Inflectra is an experimental, non narrative animation film that is meant to be a sweet psychedelic journey.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins

A Body Transgressive

Charlie Galea McClure

A love letter to Frankenstein's Monster, the Queer Body, Theatre, and Horror Cinema, A Body Transgressive is an exploration of subversive existence.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 4 mins

Bonne Fête Noomz!

Mélyanne Fontaine

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Gabriel AUGERAI, Charles DI CICCO, Romain Augier, Laurie PEREIRA DE FIGUEIREDO

A couple of dumb birds tries its best to protect its eggs from a volcano eruption.

Jul 29 13:30
France 6 mins

Bowling 4 Eva

Aelfie Oudghiri

A troubled teen girl spends her time trolling men online and bowling with her grandfather while becoming increasingly medicated by her psychiatrist.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 14 mins

C'est pas du sushi!

Elora Gauthier

An athletic fish escapes from a sushi restaurant, angering the grumpy and violent chef.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

La Calesita

Augusto Schillaci

A heartfelt story of the beloved Argentinian merry-go-round operators who have dedicated their lives to providing fun and happiness to children and their neighborhoods.

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, USA, Argentina 9 mins

Le Chasseur

Carlos Alan Ruiz Felix

A thief robs the home of a suspicious owner.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Le Chat et le papillon de nuit

India Barnardo

Jul 22 13:30
Jul 29 13:30
Canada, United Kingdom 7 mins

The Clock Is Ticking

Thibault Picquoin

Angst grows stronger as Emily questions her purpose in a waiting room, surrounded by strangers with a similar destiny.

Jul 23 20:30
Aug 8 21:00
Canada 4 mins
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Lu Yujie

Colors explores the bright and vibrant colors in the Central neighborhood. A glimpse of tension was found between the concrete and lines.

Aug 8 21:00
Hong Kong 1 mins

The Concierge

Yoshimi Itazu

Can Akino succeed at her new job as a salesperson at a luxury store catering to extinct animals? A colourful, comical, compassionate little treasure of bespoke anime.

Jul 30 16:20
Japan 70 mins
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The Conscious "I"

Choi Yeoleum

A robot accidentally gains "human eyes" and acquires self-awareness. This robot can now see the world with a human-like vision, and becomes conscious.

Aug 8 21:00
South Korea 2 mins