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Beauty and the Beast

Juraj Herz

A merchant's daughter is held prisoner by a mysterious winged beast .For this richly perverse re-telling of the original fairy tale Juraj Herz puts his own gothic stamp on Beauty and the Beast.

Jul 30 18:00
Czech Republic 91 mins
Sold out

The Cassandra Cat

Vojtech Jasný

A cat with magical powers brings chaos to a small town when it reveals people’s hidden characters by changing their colour. This joyously inventive Czech new-wave classic returns in a striking new 4K resto...

Aug 9 19:15
Czech Republic 105 mins

A Chinese Ghost Story(35mm)

Ching Siu-Tung

The ultimate Hong Kong cult classic from producer Tsui Hark! Evil demons meet wuxia with humour, a tragic love story, a rap song, eye-popping effects, kinky undertones and exhilarating action.

Jul 22 14:15
Jul 26 12:15
Hong Kong 95 mins

La Danse de l'éléphant

Gabriel Grudco

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Ferat Vampire

Juraj Herz

A mysterious car might be running on blood for fuel in this satire on consumerism, a potent piece of anti-automobile propaganda, and perhaps the purest horror exercise that Herz produced.

Aug 1 20:00
Czech Republic 94 mins


Juraj Herz

An enchanting genre treat about two sisters — neither of whom is named Morgiana, that’s the cat, who gets her own cat-cam — who are placed in opposition when one of them gets an inheritance.

Jul 28 21:00
Czech Republic 101 mins
Sold out

Nezumikozo Jirokichi


A team of modern anime luminaries (including Rintaro and Katsuhiro Otomo) revives a lost gem of early cinema. A witty, heartfelt celebration of Japanese popular culture across the centuries!

Aug 5 19:15
Aug 8 14:30
Japan, France 24 mins

The Ninth Heart

Juraj Herz

A student must rescue a princess from the castle of an evil magician, who's preparing an elixir from the stolen hearts of nine children. Laced with aspects of folk horror, vampirism, and surreal fairy tale...

Jul 29 18:00
Czech Republic 92 mins

Peppermint Candy

Lee Chang-dong

As powerful now as ever, Lee Chang-Dong’s classic, novelistic breakthrough takes us through seven key chapters of a man’s unraveling life, and of a country’s history.

Aug 6 13:00
South Korea 129 mins

Ramayana - The Legend of Prince Rama

Yugo Sako, Kouichi Sasaki, Ram Mohan

Perdue pendant 30 ans, l’adaptation aimée de l’épopée hindoue est enfin de retour au grand écran. Une convergence de mythes, de musique, de monstres et de héros!

Aug 5 14:00
Japan, India 135 mins