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Kassy Gascho

Hungry for power and acceptance within the Bevlon community, Sofi throws a killer recruitment party. However, when blood stains the fluffy pink carpet, Sofi faces a dilemma: friendship or her downline?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 13 mins


Abby Falvo

A summoning takes on a new meaning with one creepy phone call!

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 3 mins
Sold out


Anne-Marie Bouchard

A brief experience of laser engraving and cutting on 16mm film, about the first snows of autumn, mushrooms and ferns, with lively music.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins

3PM Thursdays

Michele Kaye

Being the perfect fantasy at a dive bar can lead to unexpected horrors, but for who?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 7 mins
Sold out

6mm Wave

Jeong Seungho

Memories of an absent loved one assume a form of their own as they emerge from a forgotten old video camera in this gorgeous, wistful work of austere graphic minimalism.

Aug 5 19:15
Aug 8 14:30
South Korea 6 mins

À feu et à sang

Arnaud Lescure, Cedrick Beaumont-Noel, Viktor Amarok Langevin

Fire and Blood is an animated short taking place in an alternative version of the French Revolution where the prince Louis XVII take revenge on the revolutionaries by releasing the monstrous beast of Gévau...

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins
Sold out

À fleur de temps

Zahya Tétreault Bélanger

A dance of passing time, through the invisible movement of flowers, clouds and crowds.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins

À pas furtifs

Raphaël J. Dostie

Julien visits his older sister, Sarah, who leads a cloistered life in a residential tower and no longer wants to see anyone. He discovers with terror that she has taken refuge in a hermetic world, surround...

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 11 mins
Sold out

A.I. Made Me Do It: Ophelia

Gioula Papadopoulou

The final result, based on the randomness and fluidity of the AI generators used, is a surreal animation where a classic theme (Ophelia) meets with weird dreamlike mutations and unexpected futuristic scene...

Aug 8 21:00
Greece 2 mins


Chen Yun Jou

Jul 29 13:30
USA, Taiwan 1 mins


Takeshi Yagi

From ULTRAMAN director Yagi Takeshi, a reimagining of the kaiju vs. superheroine genre for a global audience — while honouring the authentic tokusatsu style of filmmaking.

Jul 22 13:15
Japan 6 mins

L' Albero

Thomas Dufour

Robert Romero, un hardened Quebec criminal, sees his empire crumble before his eyes.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 15 mins


Em Leblanc

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Ami d'ami

Simon Gualtieri

Jules is bi. Bi as in bisexual. Bi, even though he’s only slept with women. Bi and ready to try his first experience with Samuel, a friend of friend.

Jul 23 18:30
Quebec 15 mins


Réalisation collective Réalisation collective

Animation attempt. On the menu: a duel, bureaucracy, and a champion!

Jul 23 15:30
Canada 1 mins

Architect A

Lee Jonghoon

A resonant, magical, flawlessly crafted tale about confronting grief, finding peace, and the joy of giving, from the eminent South Korean studio VCRWORKS.

Jul 30 16:20
South Korea 25 mins


Ryan Bechara

A young Prince offers a fruit to the altar of a withered temple when he is faced with the divinity he worships.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 5 mins
Sold out

Au Bout des Cartes

Émile Désilets

The maps shall adapt to Man's ambition.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins

Auguste & Percival

Béatrice Cantin

Jul 29 13:30
Canada 1 mins
Sold out


Jennifer Zhang

A space pilot alone on a returning vessel finds herself in a frightening power struggle when her holographic virtual assistant suddenly begins to oppose its programming.

Aug 5 14:00
USA 17 mins

Autosaurus Rex

Marcel Barelli

Jul 22 13:30
Switzerland 6 mins


David Cuevas

An experimental short that fuses celluloid and animation as the lives of three women intersect within a tidal wave of apathy.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada, France 3 mins

Baby Force

Yuki Kubo

Mobilize undercover ultra-kawaii action playmates Piyomaru, Sweet, and Rainbow Yah! Activate battle mecha romper suits! Assume fun-time fight formation! Super techno toddler trio Baby Force is go!

Jul 21 18:30
Japan 2 mins

Ball-Pit. Wednesday. Lemonade.

Daniel Howard-Baker

A boy finds solace in a ball pit, at a soft play enclosure, until he is sucked down into an alternate dimension and greets his older self.

Aug 6 21:30
United Kingdom 7 mins