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Henri Carreau, Charles Girard-Beaupré

In a dystopian world, a masked figure commutes to work. For him, everything is normal, but things truly aren't.

Jul 19 19:00
Canada, Quebec 3 mins


Byun Changwoo

Deceived and mistreated, a group of disabled people begin to resist their oppressor in this intense and unsettling shocker that demands your attention in its battle against prejudice. Absolutely unhinged.

Jul 18 21:30
South Korea 20 mins

À la conquête de la crème fraîche

Gabriel Auclair-doucet

Jacking off is not always an easy task. Gaétan will pay the price, since he's willing to do anything to relieve himself alone at home.

Jul 19 21:10
Quebec 4 mins

A Little Longer

Connor Kujawinski

Moments before his death in a time not far from now, a man uses an experiential headset to revisit cherished memories – or at least, the few that his plan can afford.

Jul 21 14:00
Canada 3 mins

The Accomplices

Alberto Evangelio

Spanish filmmaker Alberto Evangelio casts a dark, horror lens on compassionate assisted death, to chillingly moving effect.

Jul 31 21:30
Spain 14 mins


Gaëtan Borneuf

A meeting on the moon will brighten up Luna's life and make her discover herself more deeply in a breathtaking world.

Aug 2 21:00
Canada, Quebec 8 mins


Jonathan Gutierrez

Joe has matched with Sophie on Tinder. This is the story of their first date.

Jul 20 21:00
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

L’ affrontement

Amélie Turpin

One battle, four friends... one life. At a table, shooting at one another... a confrontation without equal.

Jul 26 19:00
Quebec 8 mins

African American Express

Sydnie Baynes

Borrowing the style of Soviet animated propaganda, a reflection on the complexities of materialism and conspicuous consumption in the Black community.

Jul 28 21:15
Aug 3 17:30
Canada 3 mins

Afternoon Tea Chez Mrs. Pillbug


A group of aristocratic bugs gather for a peaceful afternoon of tea and chatter. When scandalous information is suddenly revealed, a smug remark escalates into a catfight... or more accurately a bugfight.

Jul 27 14:00
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Agua Tibia Spring

Camilo Mangas Calderón

Sofia, a young trumpeter, prepares herself for the reunion with her childhood friend Paula. But fearing that their bond may have faded, Sofia revisits their memories to give her a welcoming gift - a song.

Jul 27 14:00
Canada, Nicaragua 19 mins

Aking Senakulo

Jela Dela Peña

In a church, a figure is transported in a dream-like place where they share food offerings and intimate touches with another being.

Jul 28 21:15
Canada 10 mins


Dakyoung Lee

In a world where no one greets each other, a child says hello to the world.

Jul 20 14:00
South Korea 2 mins

Amy and Frog

Paul Williams

Let’s take a break and follow Amy to meet her friends, to find her courage and confidence. A warm and soothing fairytale with a simple, even childlike style.

Jul 27 13:30
United Kingdom, China 11 mins


Oskar Johansson

A mother and daughter move into an old family house. The daughter struggles to adjust to the house and, to the mother's great horror, begins feeling an increasingly intense attraction to a locked door upst...

Jul 29 21:30
Sweden 12 mins


Huang Yun-Sian, Raito Low

As the conflicts and frustrations of our times intensify and multiply, are we losing sight of what matters most? A visually splendrous detour into deeper reflection.

Aug 3 17:30
Taiwan 11 mins

Un après-midi à se fesser dessus

Garance Chagnon-Grégoire

Moving day is fast approaching for the Bouchard-Beauregard family, but a televised boxing match creates pandemonium within the already dysfunctional family.

Jul 19 21:10
Quebec 15 mins

Art Baby

Pony Nicole Herauf

Art Baby is an absurdist short, exploring the relationship between fiction and reality, and creative expression and privacy.

Jul 29 16:25
Canada 6 mins


Andrew Seaton

The world is about to end. Mars is humanities only hope.

Jul 22 18:35
Australia 11 mins

Au Prix de la Chair


Alice is a totally paralyzed teenager who can only communicate through the movements of her eyes. Her brother and sister try an obscure method to treat her...

Aug 3 15:00
France 10 mins

Au Vent Les Songes Bleus

Emma Beyaert-Meisels

A chase encounter between a wild woman and a rabbit. It is a union with otherness in a forest bathed in blue shadows.

Aug 3 15:00
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Baby Food

Charlie Galea McClure

Quit your whining, it's feeding time!

Aug 1 21:30
Canada, Quebec 0 mins

Bail bail

Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers

Two longtime roommates realize that their new landlord is going to evict them illegally. They decide to fight to keep their apartment.

Jul 26 19:00
Quebec 13 mins

Balle courbe

Alexis Lemay-Plamondon

Two internet friends meet for the first time on a baseball field. What if a kid could change the course of life?

Jul 20 21:00
Canada, Quebec 9 mins