Free Activities


Saturday July 20 - 4PM

Every Frame A Painting presents: The Second

Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, Vancouver-based creators of the wildly popular YouTube video essay series EVERY FRAME A PAINTING are coming to Fantasia!

Sunday, July 21 - 5PM

Artist Talk: Mike Flanagan

Join us for a special artist talk with US filmmaker Mike Flanagan, recipient of Fantasia’s 2024 Cheval Noir career award.

Wednesday, July 24 juillet - 5PM

Makgeolli Workshops

In conjunction with the screenings of FAQ, Fantasia and the Korean Cultural Centre Canada are pleased to host two Makgeolli Workshops.

Thursday, July 25 - 5:15PM

Live Podcast : Colors of the Dark

FANGORIA presents the COLORS OF THE DARK Podcast live at the Fantasia Film Festival!

Saturday, July 27 - 2PM

Drawing Monsters: A Ghoulish Chat With Artist Gary Pullin

The Rondo-winning artist will talk pop art, being a monster kid, and everything in between in this groovily ghoulish event!

Saturday, July 27 juillet - 3PM

Table ronde - Le métier de productrice de films de genre au Québec

Une discussion sur le métier de productrice de films de genre qui sera décortiqué avec des anecdotes savoureuses.

Saturday, July 27 - 4PM

Her Horror Legacy: A Discussion on Women Directing Horror Movies

An engaging discussion on the historical and modern impact of women directing horror movies.

Monday, July 29 - 4PM

Voïvod: Rebel Robots

An exhibition of original art pieces, photographs, instruments and artifacts sourced directly from the band’s archives.

Sunday, August 4 - 3PM

Table ronde: la représentation du Felquiste au Cinéma Québécois

Discussion sur la représentation du Felquiste au Cinéma Québécois, tant dans la fiction que le documentaire.

Throughout the festival, Auditorium des diplômés de la SGWU Lobby

Korean Culture Boxes Exhibition

Experience Korean Culture with the Korean Culture Boxes!