Short Film Programs

Anime no bento 2024

A showcase of wildly varied and innovative short works by Japanese animators—some well established, others taking their first steps forward—demonstrating the incredible possibilities anime can offer.

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Are You Afraid of Fantasia? 2024

Are you brave enough to take on these 10 international short films? Join us for a laugh and a thrill...

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Born of Woman 2024

Fantasia’s top-shelf showcase of personal auteur genre visions returns with nine works from six countries that will leave you shaken and amazed.

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Le cabaret des curiosités 100% international

You've got a date with 30 crazy, wacky shorts, grouped into various blocks. Bloodshot Bill, Growlers Choir, Les Costauds and other guests will also enliven this new-style cabaret.

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Celluloid Experiments 2024

You have a rendezvous with shapes, colours, and poetry, on a celluloid journey that takes you from daydreams to explosive experiments to feverish nightmares.

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Capsules 2024

Martial arts, mystical fantasy, mordant comedy, and mindbending sci-fi—choice cuts from Bilibili’s CAPSULES series demonstrate the growing quality and diversity of Chinese animation.

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CineMapsosa 2024

From science-fiction drama to psychological thriller, the possibilities are endless. A quartet of mid-length South Korean genre films by incredibly talented emerging directors who aren’t afraid to take risks.

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Circo Animato 2024

Fantasia’s annual showcase of amazing animated short films from around the world returns with over a dozen dazzling offerings, marvellously multifarious in tone, technique, and perspective.

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Collective Delusions 2024

A showcase of underground DIY, outsider, and bizarre cinema from around the world.

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EVOL Episodes 1-2-3

A trio of teen suicide survivors have acquired superpowers (however uncool) but they don’t want to save the world—they want to tear it all down. The first half of the manga-adaptation streaming miniseries.

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Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois 2024

Les Fantastiques week-ends are back with a bang this year, and it's with a festive programme that we celebrate this 100% in-person return. You'll see everything that makes the festival unique: fantasy, horror, and wacky comedy!

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International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase 2024

Seven films. Five countries. Worlds of vision. Fantasia’s annual showcase of soulful and innovative sci-fi shorts returns.

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Lantern Blade Episodes 1-2-3

From the thriving landscape of stop-motion wuxia within the Chinese animation industry, a mini-series that seamlessly merges martial-arts adventure and Lovecraftian horror.

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My First Fantasia 2024

Children, parents and the young at heart are invited to dive into this free series of short film programs.

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Perilous Ports: Tours of Northern Terrors 2024

Fantasia’s showcase of groundbreaking Canadian short films is back!! Sleep paralysis demons, vampires, ghosts, and questionable bath bombs, we have something for everyone to enjoy!

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Small Gauge Trauma 2024

Fantasia’s international showcase of cutting-edge genre works is back with ten films from five countries that positively astonish.

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Things That Go Bump in the East 2024

Fantasia’s showcase of bite-sized Asian tales of the macabre again offers a celebration of the otherworldly from the other side of the world, split between animation and live-action.

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