Animation Plus

Circo Animato 2024

92 mins 17 films Singapore, Chile, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada, Quebec, China, USA
Sat August 03, 2024
5:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

Fantasia’s annual showcase of amazing animated short films from around the world returns with over a dozen dazzling offerings, marvellously multifarious in tone, technique, and perspective. This year’s selections, including world premieres, come from Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Chile, China, Japan, Taiwan, UK, USA and right here in Canada. – Rupert Bottenberg

The Parade

Ryan Benjamin Lee

Straitlaced and conspicuously cautious Singapore erupts into a colourful frenzy of free-spirited singing and dancing. Twist and shout, everyone!

Aug 3 17:30
USA, Singapore 5 mins

Trumpet Voice

David Monarte Serna, Pilar Smoje Gueico

An aging jazzman must journey through his past and make peace with his personal demons in this touching tale told through a bravura blend of animation styles.

Aug 3 17:30
Chile 12 mins

African American Express

Sydnie Baynes

Borrowing the style of Soviet animated propaganda, a reflection on the complexities of materialism and conspicuous consumption in the Black community.

Jul 28 21:15
Aug 3 17:30
Canada 3 mins

Haru-tsuge Fish and Fu-rai Boy

Takeshi Yashiro

A melody carried on the wind captures the curiosity of a tiny woodland imp. Shot outdoors using natural materials, a charming stop-motion celebration of seasonal renewal and rustic resplendence.

Aug 3 17:30
Japan 5 mins

The Wedding Veil of the Proud Princess

Anna-Ester Volozh

With exquisite style, U.K. animator Anna-Ester Volozh adds a further layer of feminist subversion to a very dark fairy tale that’s already a challenge to patriarchal conventions.

Aug 3 17:30
United Kingdom 7 mins


Yao Xu

On a scorching summer day, I transform into an extraordinary knight among the ordinary. When the light turns green, I'll dash towards unknown adventures—starting with the gas station!

Aug 3 17:30
China 3 mins


Maggie Zeng

A young woman’s troubling memories manifest first as physical irritation, then as phantasmic monsters.

Jul 27 21:00
Aug 3 17:30
Canada 2 mins

Extremely Short

Koji Yamamura

The first in a series of animated shorts pairing filmmakers with writers finds award-winner Koji Yamamura (DOZENS OF NORTHS) adapting a story by Hideo Furukawa.

Aug 3 17:30
USA, Japan 5 mins

Pantheon Bird

Eunyoung Choi, Asami Murakoshi

A trapped bird, a mountaintop sunset, a painting in a museum—a picture-perfect poem without words, part of the DAISAKUSEN! series of micro-shorts from celebrated anime studio Science SARU.

Aug 3 17:30
Japan 2 mins


Huang Yun-Sian, Raito Low

As the conflicts and frustrations of our times intensify and multiply, are we losing sight of what matters most? A visually splendrous detour into deeper reflection.

Aug 3 17:30
Taiwan 11 mins


Tsz-wing Ho

A kaleidoscopic, polychromatic fugue concocted by Hong Kong’s Ho Tsz-wing, a specialist in mesmerizing geometric abstractions, fortified by the propulsive music of Errol Leung.

Jul 20 14:00
Aug 3 17:30
Hong Kong 5 mins

Weiqi Fantasy

Yuanru Liu

A deceptively simple stop-motion exercise that draws on the principles of Chinese chess, the world’s oldest extant boardgame.

Aug 3 17:30
China 1 mins

Number 32. Giant Fish

Seunghyun Si

Selfish schoolboy Minsu’s hallucinatory journey towards personal improvement. A simple yet important life lesson, wrapped in strange and delightful exercise in daring notions of design.

Aug 3 17:30
South Korea 10 mins

The Yearbook

Charlie Galea McClure

Concordia University’s graduating class of 1975 (and with them, the dubious hairstyles of a half-century ago) gets chopped up and tossed around in an eerie stroll through the corridors of memory.

Aug 3 17:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

A New Account of Tales of the World

Meiyi Che

With crisp music, vibrant colours, and a brisk tempo, animator Che Meiyi reimagines a traditional tale and poses the question: how would the ancients have partied in the present day?

Aug 3 17:30
China 5 mins

Mothership: The Awakening

Joseph Burrascano

A titanic, translucent entity awakes amid the elemental fury of a primordial world in this tantalizing extract from New York studio Nathan Love’s project in development.

Aug 3 17:30
USA 3 mins

Les Bêtes

Michael Granberry

A multitude of creatures entertain at a royal banquet, but the aristocrats soon go too far in their cruelty. A hilarious, horrifying black-and-white delight, fashioned entirely from recycled materials.

Aug 3 17:30
USA 12 mins


Sat August 03, 2024
5:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève