Presented by McKibbins

Selection 2024

Are You Afraid of Fantasia? 2024

91 mins 10 films China, Canada, Quebec, France, Sweden, USA
Mon July 29, 2024
9:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

Like the popular Canadian horror TV series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? (1992 to 1996), this programme is an international anthology of short horror films that will thrill even the bravest of you. You'll discover the world premieres of Ori Guendelman's HOLD UP! and Noah Sterling's TINKERHELL, as well as MONSTER PARTY by Quebecer A. Burnett. International premieres include ROGER IS A SERIAL KILLER by Don Swaynos, starring Barbara Crampton, and the intriguing SAVE ME by Chinese director Di Liu. Also on the programme are three Canadian premieres: HOWL AT THE DEAD by Gregg Bishop, OUCH! by Zach Kornfeld and DARK SIGNALS by Izzy Lee. Rounding out the programme is AMYGDALA by Swedish director Oskar Johansson, and straight from France, COLEOPTERE by Martin Gouzou. – Marc Lamothe

Save Me

Di Liu

A man found a strange bottle in an empty public restroom toilet.

Jul 29 21:30
China 6 mins

Monster Party

A. Burnett

A group of ghouls get together for a house party.

Jul 27 14:00
Jul 29 21:30
Aug 1 19:00
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Dark Signals

Izzy Lee

Nightmares and reality blend when signals distort and collide.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 2 mins

Hold Up

Ori Guendelman

Eager to prove he's cool, Marcus bets he can rob the liquor store they sit parked in front of in exchange for an invite to a party later that night.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 26 mins


Noah Sterling

A young girl learns the consequences, after she incites the wrath of a very small and very deadly entity.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 5 mins


Martin Gouzou

A free and contemporary interpretation of “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. Grégoire Samsa is a solitary young man, a building caretaker, always ready to help everyone, in order to exist.

Jul 29 21:30
France 15 mins


Oskar Johansson

A mother and daughter move into an old family house. The daughter struggles to adjust to the house and, to the mother's great horror, begins feeling an increasingly intense attraction to a locked door upst...

Jul 29 21:30
Sweden 12 mins


Zach Kornfeld

A genre-heavy exploration of invisible illness (specifically: Ankylosing Spondylitis), as Zach struggles to accept that his disability is with him for life.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 9 mins

Roger is a Serial Killer

Don Swaynos

A podcaster implicates her step-father in a series of unsolved murders, which makes for a compelling show but an awkward family reunion.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 9 mins

Howl at the Dead

Gregg Bishop

When a family moves into a haunted house, their loyal pet dog struggles to protect them from the malevolent ghosts that only animals can see.

Jul 29 21:30
USA 8 mins


Mon July 29, 2024
9:30 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève