Selection 2024

International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase 2024

115 mins 7 films Australia, Spain, Canada, Sweden, USA, Poland
Sun July 21, 2024
2:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève

The Move

Eric Kissack

A couple’s new home doesn’t always adhere to accepted understandings of time and space.

Jul 21 14:00
USA 9 mins

Katele (Mudskipper)

John Harvey

An award-winning aboriginal fantasy in which a Torres Strait Islander working in a laundromat is visited by a being though the portal of a laundry machine.

Jul 21 14:00
Australia 13 mins


Pol Diggler

Portable music tech leaps recklessly ahead, allowing us to become listeners from inside our heads. A film that examines just how terribly wrong a terrible idea can go.

Jul 21 14:00
Spain 14 mins

A Little Longer

Connor Kujawinski

Moments before his death in a time not far from now, a man uses an experiential headset to revisit cherished memories – or at least, the few that his plan can afford.

Jul 21 14:00
Canada 3 mins


Felipe Vargas

A widow enlists the services of a sleep dealer in desperate hope of spending time with her deceased husband inside a dream.

Jul 21 14:00
USA 15 mins



An employee at a pharmaceutical corporation that houses its employees like citizens of its own prison, finds himself transferred into a new, uniquely more demanding department.

Jul 21 14:00
Sweden 32 mins

Escape Attempt

Daniel Shapiro, Alex Topaller

A man strives to get to an uninhabited planet. A visually sumptuous creation, with shadows of Soviet sci-fi and a considerable degree of philosophical urgency.

Jul 21 14:00
USA, Poland 29 mins


Sun July 21, 2024
2:00 PM

Salle J.A. De Sève